The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the most happening cities of Thailand is one of the must-visit places in Southeast Asia for many of the tourists. You may get many of the Delhi to Bangkok cheapest flights if you book in advance for your most awaiting holiday with near and dear. Bangkok is one of the comfortable places to stay with your family or friends. You can enjoy shopping, museums, palaces, temples and much more in Bangkok.

Before you travel to ‘The city of Angels’ make sure to check

  • what all vaccinations are required
  • for travel insurance
  • for Delhi to Bangkok cheapest flights
  • Passport
  • Thai SIM card
  • Bus and Ferry tickets
  • Visa
  • Prescription for medicines
  • A backpack
  • Travel wallet
  • Bangkok & Thailand map or guidebook
  • Waterproof bag


    Apart from the above mentioned, make sure to carry below list of items for a hassle-free Bangkok trip.

    Power Adapter: to make use of power sockets in Thailand hotels and other places, carry an international power adapter. It will save your time and money when in Thailand.

    Towels: most of the guest houses and budgeted hotels do not provide towels in the bathrooms; do not forget to carry your own towels. As regular towels are bulky and take most of the travel space and time to dry, quick-dry towels will surely serve the purpose in this case.

    Electrolytes: due to humidity and heat, there are chances for you to get sick or dehydrated while in Bangkok. Even though if you are not sick consuming electrolytes on a regular basis, is a good idea when roaming a lot outside.

    Passport Pouch: carrying your passport, cash, credit cards, cell phone and any other valuables in a passport pouch is always suggested when roaming around in Bangkok. So it’s a good idea to carry all the valuables in one go as it’s much likely to be misplaced or stolen.

    Travel Sheets: if you are a budget traveller, it’s suggested to carry travel sheets and use them in your hotel rooms. They easily fit into your travel bags and can also be useful to use in bus or travel journey when AC is too way high.

    Travel Backpack: with lockable zippers, technical suspension, padded laptop sleeves travel and much more features travel backpack is a must-buy for your Bangkok trip. It is most convenient to travel with, and you can also attach smaller pack outside if need be.

    Packing Cubes: these packing cubes are worth a little space in your travelling bags or in your backpack. These cubes help you keep things more organized and save time in searching them while on sightseeing.

    Hiking Shoes: there are many hiking and trekking options in and around Bangkok, so carrying hiking shoes is always the best option. As Bangkok as scorching heat, buy ventilated shoes.

    Sunscreen: with too much heat, you will likely to get tan, so do not forget to carry a good sunscreen lotion to protect your skin complexion.

    Reusable Bags: carry reusable bags along with you all the times; these will be useful in case of shopping or any other emergencies.

    Toiletries: carry your toiletries like deodorant, body and face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste and any other as per your requirements.

    Swim Wear: As you have lots of options in and around Bangkok for swimming, do not forget to buy good swimwear.

    Taking advice from people who travelled earlier to Bangkok will surely help for your holiday. Have a pre-planned trip by buying these must-buy items when traveling to Bangkok and have a safe, comfortable and memorable travel experience.