If you’re one for adventure, chances are the idea of travelling around the world is something you’ve always wanted to try. You may have travelled to a few countries yourself, or maybe it’s your first time choosing a destination. Of course, when travelling around the world is the topic of the day, chances are you’re going to think of purchasing gifts and souvenirs. However, with so much to experience in any destination, how will you choose? This guide can help you pick the right gifts suitable to your inclinations.


First Things First: Decide On The Budget

Remember, if you’re thinking of travelling, chances are you’re already going to spend a hefty budget on a wide variety of things.
Transportation, accommodations, and food are just some of the things you have to think about when travelling, so a budget for gifts might not be immediately on the table.

  • Try to have a set allowance for gifts as well, so you have a general idea as to how much you’re willing to spend without sacrificing your other expenses.
  • Try to do advance research on the kind of gifts that are allowed to be carried in your mode of transportation. Sometimes, certain gifts may indeed be indigenous to the location, but aren’t allowed in airports or other modes of transportation, so do try to take your budget into consideration when researching. If you can’t take them on the plane with you, you may be able to find them from online gift stores similar to Eternity Rose.

    Second: Research Is Essential

    The next step when deciding on what to purchase as a gift is to actually do your research about your location. While souvenir shops do indeed have fancy shirts and cute keychains as gifts, you may want to search for something that is “authentic” to the place. This helps “preserve” the “spirit” of the location, and may even add an additional sentimental value to the gift.

  • Try to search for popular and significant aspects of the culture of the place you’re visiting. What are gifts or ornaments that are commonly given to travellers, or what gifts have significant meaning to the culture?
  • Try to aim for gifts that are portable, wearable or useful, so they can have a lasting significance to the receiver. Of course, adequate research on the interests of the receiver will help make the gift much more meaningful as well.

    Last But Not The Least: Make It About Experience

    Statistics from Google and Phocuswright researches indicate that 55-percent of leisure travelers actually take only one to two vacations annually, both of which are carefully planned.

    Interestingly, activities and experience are still the largest and primary sources of interest when it comes to travel, with the former projected to be as much as $174-billion by 2020 and the latter being the priority of 56-percent of destination marketing organizations as per TrekkSoft data.

  • This means experience is really a huge factor when it comes to travelling. If you’re aiming for a meaningful gift, try perhaps considering something that not only speaks of the culture of the place, but also of your experience.
  • For instance, various countries might be known for wood carvings, which is why your gift may at first be a miniature carving or perhaps a piece of jewelry. If the particular location in the country you visited is a beach, however, then perhaps a more appropriate gift might be something native to the beach itself.
  • Try to make it personalized if possible, or something that is unique to the place you’ve visited. This can give the aura of remembrance to your receiver, as they know the gift they received is uniquely theirs.


    Travelling can be a fun thing to do, regardless if you’re alone or you’re with family and friends. Sometimes, however, there really are people who can’t accompany you to your journey, and you may want to give them something to commemorate the trip. Gifts in general are something delightful to give and receive, but a well-thought gift, especially with the tips above, can make the experience extra special.


    Danielle Hanson
    Danielle is a loving and caring person who runs a successful at home business. She currently writes for different websites and companies, and in her spare time she enjoys horse riding and living life to the fullest.