When traveling as a group, it is difficult for couples to find alone time. Often this time alone would only be available for a short period, such as during a meal at a restaurant or a walk on the beach.

Turkey offers an alternative option that gives time alone but also makes for a romantic journey that is relaxing as well. Gulet cruises are an amazing way to see the coastline while spending time with that special person. Alaturka Turkey is a frequently used company for these types of journeys.

Alaturka Cruises, a company that runs blue cruises in the south of Turkey, takes standard cruising routes and makes them even more exceptional. Starting from one of the Aegean’s famous ports such as Bodrum, Marmaris, or Fethiye, you will sail to many incredible destinations along the peaceful Turkish coast. As you sail along this magnificent shoreline, your cruise will stop only to explore illustrious bays and beaches along the way. These bays are well looked after natural settings and the most anticipated moments on each route are when the anchor is dropped and it is time to swim in these peaceful spots.

In the crystal-clear waters, the wildlife live carefree with minimal interaction with humans. It is a pleasure to be able to get close to these creatures, including the endangered Loggerhead Turtles. While swimming around there are also natural landmarks to explore. One fantastical site is Pirates Cave, a natural cavern that was used as a hiding spot back in the days of pirates on the seas but now this small cave offers a wonderful snorkeling opportunity.

Some couples like to explore something new or view something that has withstood the test of time. For these types of travelers, gulet cruising along the Turkish coast holds a few gems to be seen. St. Nicolas Island, famously named as the assumed resting place of the original person that the stories of Santa Claus were based on, is home to a variety of buildings as it was once a retreat for St. Nicolas and his fellow religious observers.

While relaxing and enjoying each other’s company is what these tours are superb for, it is often good to have a night of partying. One overnight stop is at a secluded seaside bar called Smugglers Inn. This nightclub is open to the natural night sky to enjoy an amazing time dancing the night away. Thankfully the bar runs a return service back to your vessel when you have decided it is time to retire to your cabin. Alternatively, if you would prefer to finish your night under the stars, why not fall asleep right there on deck being rocked by the waves as you watch the constellations pass overhead.

Coming to an end of this cruise does not mean that the sightseeing is over. When you come to port in Demre you will be able to head to Olympos, a village that has grown around well-preserved ancient ruins. If you wish to stay and explore more there are tree houses available to stay in. These tree houses offer an unusual solution to keep nature safe while allowing tourists to explore the ruins and the incredible stretch of beach at Olympos.

When you next find yourself seeking solitude with your partner, it would be a great idea to check out how to Sail Turkey and see all that this type of experience has to offer, even if it takes more than one trip to this incredible country. Any returning customers will tell you, you can never see all that Turkey has to offer in just one visit!