Bucharest in March: Best Things to Do


If you’ve ever been to Eastern Europe or even read about it, the old town of Bucharest must’ve caught your attention. Nowadays it’s not particularly beautiful, but it provides a refreshing blend of old and new, sprinkled with adventure and a thriving nightlife.

Yes, it’s not the safest city on Earth, but as long as you use an Uber and stay away from the bad neighborhoods, you will definitely have a blast here. So, if you’re visiting Bucharest in March, here are the top 5 things to do.


#1: Concerts

If you want to get in touch with the local music and bands, there are several interesting concerts to consider in March.

We recommend trying these three:


  • Emeric Imre & Friends – 17th March, in a club called H Brewery (Beraria H in Romanian);
  • Iris – Never Ending Story – 24th March, same location
  • Romanian Nights – Acoustic – 28th March, same location


Of course, there’s more to enjoy on the musical side of the city and there are plenty of clubs where fun is the word of the day. If you’re interested in finding the best clubs for parties and good times, check out this list from TripAdvisor.


#2: Parks & Other Outdoor Activities

 Bucharest has plenty to offer in the spring, due to its huge parks and abundance of green space. March is usually the month when the sun starts shining again and you can enjoy long walks in the park with friends or family.

Some of the most popular parks are:

Cismigiu Park

It’s the oldest public garden in the city and it’s situated right in the middle so it’s difficult to miss. It’s a fairly large park (17 hectares), and is sprinkled with locations where you can enjoy a cold drink, take a boat ride on the lake and enjoy scenic landscapes with ancient, towering trees.

Here you’ll find the club mentioned above (H Brewery), which is also the largest beer house in Europe.

Herastrau Park

Situated close to Cotroceni Palace (Romania’s President official residence), this is the biggest park in the city (110 hectares). It’s also contains a lake – the Herastrau Lake – which has a surface area of about 74 hectares.

This is where the high society of the 19th century used to take their promenades and you can still feel the air of those long-gone romantic times. Currently, the park offers a plethora of activities on the lake and around, so you won’t get bored in a hurry.

Bucharest Zoological Garden

Beautiful, exotic animals are always a public attraction and Zoo Bucharest accommodates several interesting specimens. Right now you can see a few hundred species of birds, reptiles, and mammals, but the garden is also extremely active in preserving local endangered species.

You can learn about the local fauna and flora, and see some interesting animals while doing so. The Garden is easily accessible as it’s just one kilometer away from the Baneasa International Airport.


#3: 888 Live Poker Event

For those of you passionate about poker, the 888 Live Poker Event in Bucharest shouldn’t be ignored. It’s a 7-days event that generally delivers lots of fun, suspense and brings with it a festive atmosphere.

The event will take place at the JW Marriot Hotel, a 5-star establishment situated right by the legendary Palace of Parliament and the well-known Old Town area.

With lots of people in town for the event, you can expect the nightlife to be buzzing.


#4: Museums & Local Culture


In terms of culture, the city has a rich history and you can enjoy all sorts of cultural establishments. We recommend starting with the largest administrative building in the world: the Palace of the Parliament. The structure is impressive and, even though you can’t visit it all, there are some sections open to visitors.

The next on your list should be the Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History – here you can view a large collection of sets that showcase natural diversity and evolution. It is extremely interesting and there’s plenty to learn for both children and adults.

Finally, if you really want to know more about the local people and traditions of old (and some still follow the old rules), you should consider the Romanian Peasant Museum. You’ll learn about customs, traditions, and beliefs, and there are plenty of old tools that will make you curious about the local history.


#5: The Old Town (Centru Vechi)

Just like many modern cities, Bucharest also has an “Old Town” area that reminds you of what the original city looked like. Ancient buildings, beautiful architecture, and a lot of other interesting things to see – this is what you’ll enjoy in the Old Town (known by locals as Centru Vechi).

But it’s not just about culture! Given it’s an area that attracts tourists the nightlife is very active here. There are plenty of bars, pubs, restaurants, and all sorts of establishments you can visit all night long. Still, beware of the fact that it’s also one of the most expensive zones in the city!