New York City has no shortage of fun and romantic places where couples can retreat and strengthen their bonds. In fact, you could say that there are so many places that are ideal for couples that choosing the best one for this holiday season could be a bit of a challenge.

With the right planning and the suggestions that we have laid down for you below, finding the perfect couple retreat when you travel to New York City should be simple.


Try Omakase Sushi

One of the things that NYC is known for is its Japanese heritage and in particular, Japanese restaurants. When you travel to New York City, take time to dine at these unforgettable joints and order omakase sushi. This is sushi made from the finest fish on the market which is sourced globally.
The head chef picks the best of what is available on the market and makes a simple two ingredient dish that is simply amazing. The experience will certainly be unforgettable.


Enjoy the Highline

As far as Manhattan goes, greenery is not its strongest point. There is simply too much brick, glass and stone and too few plants. However, there is a place where you can enjoy greenery among all the city skyscrapers and it’s called the Highline. It’s a mile and a half long stretch of park situated at the Central railroad platform. You can make this a great spot to plan something special for your partner whenever you travel to New York City.

You can even find coffee, food and a bar offering drinks along the Highline.


Don’t forget Central Park

From 59th street to 110th street, Central Park is the perfect place to have a picnic. If this is not your thing, however, there are plenty of sights to behold within the park. When you are looking to get away from the hectic and noisy city life, Central Park is an excellent retreat.

Beach volleyball, carriage rides, Shakespeare and giant water slides are all pretty cool ways to spend your time together as a couple. When you want to enjoy your time together without interruption, there are plenty of quiet spots within the park.


Go to a jazz club together

There is no better way to enjoy an evening out than to pass by 114th street and enjoy jazz. You will simply be spoilt for choice with all the restaurants and pubs where you can find a live jazz band. Enjoy your dinner, have a few cocktails and listen to smooth jazz as the evening progresses.


Don’t forget the rooftop bar

Nothing beats viewing NYC from the top. The skyline is simply spectacular. One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery is from a rooftop bar while enjoying the company of your other half and sipping on cocktails.
There are many rooftop bars that you can check out when you travel to New York City all offering different theme settings.

There are many more fun ways to enjoy the Big Apple whenever you take a trip there such as through a ferry ride or cruise. For instance, LibertyCruise.NYC offer excellent packages and you can see the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge.


Take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

A trip to the Big Apple is never really complete if you miss the Brooklyn Bridge. This is part and parcel of New York City. Whether you are a resident or simply passing through, the sight is undeniable.

Brooklyn Bridge is amongst the oldest bridges in the states with a distance of 1,595 feet. It certainly is no a small feat. However, the both of you will enjoy every moment there. Just make sure to be warm and snuggled up if you are taveling in winter as the weather can make things difficult.