Top 4 things to do in Monte Carlo

Although Monte Carlo is considered the playground of royalty and the wealthy population of Europe, it doesn’t mean there’s not enough to do for someone who’s neither king nor a queen!

A good many million dollar movies shot in Monte Carlo went on to show the amazing natural beauty and fine luxuries this Mediterranean coast haven has to offer. Let’s take you through the top 4 things you can do during your visit to Monte Carlo.


Go around

You don’t necessarily require a gold-plated card to make the most of your Monte Carlo visit. Anyone is free to roam around the famous streets that play host to Monaco Grand Prix each year. You could visit the city on a day-trip and simply walk around to get a feel of what those mega-stars and zero-tax-paying citizens experience each day! You can do plenty in this city for almost nothing! You could take advantage of 5 circular bus routes at a nominal cost of € 1 per ticket, or hop onto Azur Express paying just € 6 per trip.

The old town of Monte Carlo hosts the cathedral which is also the resting round of Princess Grace. Then there are several interesting tiny streets you could go down and experience Monte Carlo from up and close. A visit to Opera house and/or the casino is also a must if you are visiting the city. However, please remember there is a strict dress code if you wish to play in the casino. You could also spend your day window shopping! A sandwich and a coffee for lunch would still leave you some change from € 10. Stay clued-in about the latest happenings in the city to make the most of your visit.


Ocean adventures

The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium of Monte Carlo was built in the year 1910 and is situated atop a 280 ft. cliff, resembling a palace. Behind its well-maintained exteriors, you’d find an aquarium that is most up-to-date. It is managed by staff that’s also a part of the leading authorities on the degrading tropical and Mediterranean marine ecosystems. You could head straight to the huge basement tank, filled with seawater, wherein officials are replicating a coral reef. Thereafter, you could visit the roof that offers some of the most amazing views of the Monte Carlo city and the ocean.


Green retreat

Walking around Monte Carlo you’d also come across acres of greenery in the form of its expensively planted and well-taken-care-of public gardens. You can get a phenomenal view of the old harbor from the cliff top garden, situated close to the town hall. Prince Albert, the present ruler, funds a wide range of eco-schemes for the place.


Monte Carlo Harbor

A visit to Monte Carlo harbor is a must if you’ve checked into the city. The harbor is host to some of the most magnificent yachts you’d have ever seen. This is the same place where Goldeneye, the popular James Bond movie was shot. You could go on a Bateau Bus or water taxi trip, or hop on a yacht cruise to get a nice view of various mountains and rococo buildings of the city.