Canada hosts some of the most popular casinos in the world- second to only Las Vegas and Macau, and they’re visited by a large number of gamblers from Canada as well as abroad, all through the year. However, there are certain etiquette and rules you must always follow when you’re visiting a Canadian casino. Let’s take you through some useful tips which will ensure that you don’t end up embarrassing yourself on the casino floor!

Having said that, please know, if you don’t like being bound by all such restrictions, you could always play at any of the reputed and trustworthy Canadian online casinos. No one would mind there even if you’re playing in your pyjamas. You can go through a list of many such reliable online casinos at On to the tips now!


Gambling dress code and age

If you wish to play at any of the land-based casinos in Canada, it’s mandatory that you show a valid government ID card (with your photograph) to prove your age (19+ years) (you can read more on that in this forum discussion at Once inside the casino, you can avail a wide range of gambling options including bingo halls, video lottery, slot machines, racetracks etc. All casino specific instructions would normally be displayed at the point of entrance. Please always remember that the majority of these Canadian casinos don’t allow smoking in public zones; so if the urge to smoke strikes, you should look out for dedicated smoking areas outside of the casino premises. Although all Canadian casinos serve alcohol, you must avoid overindulging as they don’t mind showing the door to drunk patrons.

Coming to the dress code, though they allow casual dress code, make sure you don’t go overboard. Wearing beach clothes with a hat on top might not get you inside any of them. Furthermore, while you’re on the casino floor, always be aware that there are no free drinks offered to the patrons. In fact, none of the casinos situated in the British Columbia (you can learn more about them on this page) region offer beverages on the gaming floor. No one likes drunk gamblers on the casino tables in Canada and hence you must never go overboard with drinking.


About chips and bet limits

Every table at the casino would normally have a bet limit posted on it, easily visible to everyone. These limits normally range from $ 5 – $ 100. The tables with high limits are normally kept in a separate area and are clearly marked. Anyone interested in playing slot machines should know that the bet limits in slots vary from $ .01 to $ 5 per spin. Slot machines having higher limits are again separated and are clearly marked. You should clearly go through your chips to ensure that you don’t mess up the numbers while playing. In general, black chips are valued at $ 100, red chips at $ 50, green chips at $ 25 and blue chips at $ 1.

These casinos discourage players from occupying two slot machines simultaneously, during the rush hours. In case you’ve been playing at a slot machine for some time and must head out for a break, make sure that you leave some personal belonging on its seat to avoid it being taken when you return.