If you’re looking for a popular city destination for your vacation within the United States, then chances are New York and Las Vegas are on your list. Though both are wildly fun and overflowing with great food, entertainment and attractions, New York and Las Vegas are also very different from one another.

If you’re not sure which one is the right spot for you, this quick summary is bound to do the trick. We’ve been to Las Vegas and New York multiple times, and love them both for different reasons. Here’s where to start:

First, this great infographic from Netflights will give you an introduction to the cities:


Now, our thoughts on New York City vs Las Vegas:

New York City:

New York stars as the backdrop for countless rom-coms for a reason. A trip to New York is as magical and romantic as it gets, especially when it includes Broadway, fine dining and walking through the boroughs.

New York is great because while there are certainly tourist attractions, it’s easy to get off the beaten path and live like a New Yorker. Plus, with Central Park, you don’t have to go out of your way to escape the city noise and soak in some natural beauty.

Expect to walk a ton, as well as spend time on the metro (or waiting in traffic in taxis.) There’s a ton to do throughout the city, so you’re likely going to be exhausted if you try to see it all!

For more on how to plan the perfect trip to New York City, don’t miss our guide: 50 Cool Things To Do In New York City. This guide will also fill you in on the top attractions to the city, so you can take a look to see if a trip to the concrete jungle is right for you!

Las Vegas

If you just want an escape from reality for a bit, then Las Vegas is the easy choice. Glamorous accommodation, great restaurants, casinos and shopping are all available—without even having to leave the comfort of your hotel!

Las Vegas can be a bit much. The cacophony of tourists and kitschy attractions on the Strip isn’t for everyone. But it’s also easy to leave the Strip behind for world-class entertainment that is nothing short of five-stars.

Just outside of Las Vegas you have the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon, two awe-dropping attractions that are a must on any Las Vegas itinerary. So while at first it might seem like it’s just casinos and shopping, there’s actually much more than meets the eye!

To sum it up, we recommend New York City if you want a city adventure that includes culture, history and entertainment.

If you want a vacation where you don’t even need to think about how to take a metro from dinner to your show, then Las Vegas is a great option.

But truthfully, they are both so different that we suggest checking out both to see which you like for yourself!

What about you? Do you prefer Las Vegas or New York?