What do you do during long layovers or delays at the airport?

While we try to get in some airport yoga or a short walk through the terminal, the reality is we end up at a mediocre bar where we spend too much money on fatty food and overpriced beer.

airport yoga - how to stay fit on the road

Actually doing yoga at the airport instead of drinking beer! ;)


Not a huge deal if you only travel here and there, but when you frequently fly for business or pleasure, it’s not the healthiest habit for your body or wallet.

So we were immediately intrigued when introduced to Sanctifly.


Sanctifly Travel App: Keep Fit On The Road


What if instead of being stuck at the airport, you could easily access an airport hotel’s pool or gym to swim, workout or just recharge? And then get to freshen up with a shower, so you arrive at your destination looking and feeling your best?

Unfortunately, if you’ve tried this on your own, you were most likely turned away. Airport hotels don’t let just anyone in due to insurance and security considerations.

Enter: Sanctifly

What is the Sanctifly travel app?


What Is The Sanctifly App


Sanctifly is an app that gives travelers access to airport hotels’ gyms, pools and spas—without having to book a room. You can use it at airports all around the world, either during long layovers or before or after you arrive at the airport.

The Sanctifly app takes care of those pesky security and insurance issues we noted above, finally making it easier to stay fit while you travel.

Sanctifly has membership options that make sense for business travelers, but if you’re like us, you might be more interested in purchasing a one-time pass that gives you access to gyms when and where you need it most.

Luckily, Sanctifly has pay-per-use options (called the Blue Membership)—and we’re giving FIVE awesome winners one free pass to use anytime you like! (Valued at $50.)

UPDATE: The Giveaway is now over :)

But first, here’s a closer look at how Sanctifly works.

How Does Sactifly Work?


1. Download the Sanctifly App (Available on both iOS and Android)


2. Search For Your Hotel Gym

Select Airport Hotel: How To Use Sanctifly

Select Activity: How To Use Sanctifly

Select Hotel: How To Use Sanctifly


The app lets you quickly search for the gym that meets your needs based on location and amenities. You can even see the number of treadmills, bikes, etc. to ensure you’ll find what you’re looking for! Right now there are 50 locations in the US and Europe, with more locations (including a launch in Asia) coming soon! If you need some workout gear, click here.


3. Confirm And Enjoy


Confirm and Enjoy Sanctifly


Confirm your hotel gym and receive your unique access code! You can even order an Uber or Shuttle straight from the confirmation page to quickly and easily access the hotel gym.


We see tons of new travel apps pop up, but few catch our attention. Sanctifly, however, is worth knowing about.

We’re excited that wasted time at the airport no longer has to be a huge drag. We have a few passes for Sanctifly that we’ll be pulling out next time we have a delay or long layover. And there’s nothing we love more than new travel hacks that make flying less stressful!

Now, back to you!

The Sanctifly Giveaway

Experience the health and wellness benefits of Sanctifly first-hand. We’re giving away FIVE free passes valued at $50 each.

Enter the giveaway via one (or all) of the options below. Then, in one week, we will choose five lucky winners, each of whom will receive one free Sanctifly pass.


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Be sure to share the giveaway with all your travel + health loving friends!

Extra Hack: You can purchase a Blue Membership one-time pass for $50, which allows you to bring a guest for only $25 more. So if you’re traveling with a friend or partner, the total cost for two people is only $75.


And if you travel for work, be sure to tell your company about Sanctifly! There are awesome company plans, and we all know how important health is to our productivity, energy and passion.


What do you think about the idea behind Sanctifly?


We were not compensated for this post. A huge thanks does go out to Sanctifly for providing the passes for the giveaway!


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