Bosnia and Herzegovina are placed somewhere in Southeastern Europe. There is a unique and complex blend of interesting culture and the effortless natural beauty around. Wherever you look, your eyes feast on the lush greenery, picturesque views, and colorful rooftops. Perhaps it is time for you to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina that offer a unique opportunity to enter into a small country that has a lot more than meets the eye. The region is already popular with tourists who simply adore the country, and, they want to come back again and many times more.

Here are some good reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and what makes the country one of Europe’s most exciting destinations.


1. For exploring nearby Balkans
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a central base, and you can position yourself at just the right spot from where you can easily access Mostar, Budva, and Dubrovnik. Holiday travelers prefer to self-drive, and one can get great deals from a site like Holiday Autos for car rental. Just rent out your dream car from and travel to any part of the country for very little money. You get to enjoy more comfort and freedom as well as low-cost traveling.

2. For stepping back in history
The cobbled streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s vibrant capital, make you feel Sarajevo’s Ottoman past. The visitors feel like they are in East and West both. One minute you feel like you are in Istanbul and the very next, you feel as if you are in Vienna.

3. For the unspoiled nature
Bosnia and Herzegovina are world famous for the beautiful nature and green landscapes. There are incredible views, stretches of coastline and enchanting forests. You will come across the most scenic countryside ever!

4. For Historic Towns
Sarajevo and Mostar remain one of the most spectacular cities. Mostar boasts of Ottoman-era architecture and the famous Stari Most, the bridge that was bombed in the Croat-Bosniak War. Jajce with its medieval fortress and dramatic waterfall is a must to visit.

5. For warm and loving people
Bosnians are friendly and hospitable people and despite the horrors of the wars and conflict, they go out of their way to greet strangers. You can stay with Bosnian families and get aware of their way of living and culture. Enjoy your holidays with greater freedom with a great vehicle and services from Autos for car rental.

6. For the great Bosnian coffee
Coffee is very important for social life, and it might resemble the Turkish variety or echoing Ottoman traditions. Fine coffee grounds are prepared in a dzezva, a metal coffee pot and stirred till it gets creamy. Sugar cubes are added to balance the bitterness. Bosnians love having strong coffee with cakes and thus reflect Western European traditions.

7. For affordable shopping
Sarajevo is ridiculously cheap, and it is very affordable to holiday here. One can enjoy a great holiday and some fantastic shopping opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Browse for locally crafted goods such as delicate laces, jewelry, traditional carpets and hand-hammered copper good.

8. For an exciting range of adventure
Adventurous travelers will simply love Bosnia and Herzegovina as there are ample opportunities for rafting, paragliding, and hiking as well as mountain biking. There are so many wondrous things to do in the land of adventure.

9. For great food
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s humble cuisine is loaded with comfort and satisfying foods. Enjoy succulent cuts of grilled meat or crunchy, flaky burek filled with tangy white cheese. Made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients, what you get is healthy and delicious food at all times.

10. For colorful festivals
Bosnia and Herzegovina are famous for music festivals and laughter. The happy small country enjoys every single day, and its people love to make festivals. Summer is the right time to be there if you want to enjoy festivals and parties. Demofest, a music festival, and West Herzegovina fest. WHF, Jazz Festival Sarajevo and Color Festival are very popular.