Increasingly we are all leading lives that are more busy and full, and because of this fact the trend towards mobile devices, especially smartphones has also increased exponentially.

Not only is the smartphone an essential piece of kit used to keep in touch with family and friends it has also become the ‘must have’ fashion accessory to the extent that you can now personalise your smartphone with protective cases that can cost x times the amount you paid for the phone itself.

The industries that have been built around the smartphone are incredibly lucrative and there is no sign that this trend is going to stop or even slow down anytime soon.

Making our smartphones as individual as we can is one reason that they are so important to us. Whether you decide to complete your banking, run a blog, browse ebay or play at an online casino like where you can play on one of your favourite games for a few minutes in your lunch break or whilst waiting for the train, the convenience that your mobile device provides is exactly what is required by many people today.

In fact sourcing a smartphone for entertainment purposes is one of the most popular pastimes with more people accessing say their online casino via their mobiles rather than waiting to get home to do the same. This trend to all things mobile has seen the rise of numerous online casinos dedicating their games to the mobile users and making them fully optimized for the smartphone.

Because of this, losing your mobile of having it stolen can be far more than a minor disaster when you think of how much we have come to rely on them. Once there were a ton of wisecracks made about executives and their BlackBerry addictions, and being in constant contact was restricted to just a few, but now those same wisecracks could easily be aimed at the smartphone user.

Statistically, the average smartphone user checks his or her phone at least 150 each day, and leaving it at home by mistake can actually feel troubling. One study made with students had 80% of those asked feeling jealous when someone else held their phones.

Portability is a key factor in favor of the mobile phone compared, to say, a tablet that offers the same services. Being able to slip the device into your jacket pocket or bag is the biggest feature, and if you put that together with the massive advancement of technology, and a more accessible Wi-Fi service, it’s a win, win position for the Smartphone companies.

This year sees Apple celebrating ten years in the mobile market and already the excitement is ramping up with speculation and rumors on what will be offered with the new device.

Sure new technology is giving us VR, and it is certain that advancements in that area will blow us away, nevertheless, I just can’t see it being quite so addictive as our mobile phones have become.