Have you ever seen a postcard picture of a destination and thought, “Does it really look like that?” We’ve all seen those picture-perfect landscapes, the ones we drool over on Pinterest and hastily save to our “Bucket-list” board.

But which destinations top the list as the most worthy to become travel postcards?


1. Santorini, Greece


Our vote for number one is Santorini, Greece. The whitewashed buildings with dazzling aqua roofs overlooking the Aegean Sea can send any wanderluster into a doozy in moments. This is one of those places where you can just perch on a balcony, sipping on wine, and forget about the world for hours on end.


2. Taj Mahal, India


Of course, we would include this one in the list. You’ve probably seen the Taj Mahal on a thousand different postcards and rolled your eyes thinking it can’t be that great. But if you’ve ever seen the Taj Mahal in person, you know a different story. This ancient architectural wonder is so famous for a reason. It will take your breath away from the moment you gaze up at its larger-than-life marble walls.


3. Douro Valley, Portugal



Douro Valley Wine Tour


Douro Valley, Portugal is fresh on our minds, as it was our most recent adventure. We can tell you from firsthand experience, that this postcard-worthy landscape is truly all it’s cracked up to be. Something about these rolling hills, as far as the eye can see, does something incredible to your soul. Not to mention, the exceptional wine and hospitable locals.


4. Lapland, Finland


Seeing the splendid Northern Lights is on everyone’s bucket list, and if it’s not on yours, it 100% should be. The Aurora Borealis is truly unlike any other natural phenomena. To see such an incredible display of green light dancing through the midnight is the pinnacle of travel experiences.

Finland holds some of our favorite memories. From sleeping in an ice house, to mushing some adorable huskies, Finland provides so much more than just pretty scenery.


5. Koh Lipe, Thailand



No postcard stand is complete without a picturesque clear watered beach, and Koh Lipe, Thailand embodies all of this and more. This little-known Asian Island has the clear white sand and translucent water we all dream about. Tiki huts and fishing boats dot the shore, and wooden bungalows beckon you to come and watch the lapping of the waves from a cozy hammock.

Far too many adventurers head to the most popular islands in Thailand, and neglect this quiet paradise. If you’re on your way to Southeast Asia, a stop at this perfect island will not disappoint.

These 5 destinations get our vote as the most Postcard Worthy spots, but we know there are so many more! Share your favorites in the comments below.


Which place would you add to this list?