Miami is a city we often associate with water sports, beach activities and partying. There is no way to deny the fact that this is a great hub for those looking for a great party but it is also a destination that offers so many for those interested in a romantic getaway. Every single one of the destinations below will be great.

The Rusty Pelican

Although many different things changed as time passed, you will still experience a view like no other. As you stay and overlook the water surrounded by twinkle lights you will feel more in love. You can get a stunning view of Brickell and the downtown area. The Key Biscayne landmark can only be described as being amorous.

Matheson Hammock Park

It is quite a shame to see that there are so many locals that still did not get to experience the perfect Matheson Hammock Park. The atoll pol is scenic and during the night a romantic dinner at Redfish Grill can create a loving memory. If you are looking to rekindle your romance, even if you are uninspired, the experience here will be great.


When looking at the most popular of all the wedding venues in Miami, Vizcaya is high on the list. We are talking about an Italian villa located close to the water. It has many formal gardens and a huge history. Here you can see a rare page of Miami’s past. Not many places remain where you can experience something like this. The fact that it is highly romantic is a bonus for many visitors.

Under The MacArthur Causeway

This true hidden treasure is placed right under concrete and roaring traffic. It is not known by so many locals, a gravel spot located right on Watson Island. You will see it as being romantic mainly because of the panoramic view covering some of the best assets Miami has to offer. Make sure you take the Jungle Island exit. Then go around the water. The glittering skyline of Miami is simply incredibly beautiful when seen from a distance.


When you live in Miami you can enjoy so much tropical fauna and flora. Kampong is one of the places that offer diverse greenery. Dr. David Fairchild had his home here. You will find it hard to find records about him but the eponymous gardens are known. This is a place that is stunning, peaceful and idyllic, a great place to take the one you love.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens

Last but not least, easily accessible by bus through Florida Shuttle Now, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden welcomes romance seeking couples with 83 acres packed with palm trees, rainbow-hued blooms and peaceful ponds. The garden is massive, a part of paradise that offers so many crannies and nooks for a romantic walk or a picnic. You will want to visit the Chihuly display and the butterfly garden.

While it is true that romance can also be found on the beach, if you visit Miami with the one you love you should seriously consider a visit to one of the romantic destinations mentioned above.