Wall-to-wall and corner-to-corner, Berlin’s residents love few things more than expressing themselves through the art of Graffiti. Berlin’s famous street art draws flocks of tourists each year eager to partake in the city’s unique art forms, coloring the city with their exuberant self-expression.

If you want to let go and embrace the beauty of free-form art on your next trip to Berlin, here are our picks for the top 4 Street Art Tours in Berlin.


Berlin street art
Photo via duncan c


1. Alternative Berlin Tours

Shake the graffiti cans gurus as they give you an in-depth exposé of the history behind Berlin’s greatest masterpieces. Then, get the chance to leave your print behind in one of the city’s abandoned factories. Alternative Berlinoffers this Street Art Workshop, as well as several free art tours, Pub Crawls, private tours and more.


2. Berlin Street Art

Don’t waste a second getting lost in the maze of Berlin’s metropolitan pace. Berlin Street Art takes you right into the heart of the city’s most worthwhile artscapes, and gives you a rare glimpse into the story behind the art. These tour guides are well connected with some of the most prominent street artists in the area and provide a perspective you’ll want to hear.


Photo via Caroline Vincelet


3. Berlin On Bike

There’s nothing quite like biking your cares away down the sidewalks of a foreign country. Now, mix that with exploring some of the world’s most unique displays of art. We think few things could top that. Glide down famous streets-turned-canvases with a group of fun tour guides who know all the best secrets around. Berlin On Bike is mixing up your original tour guide style, and you won’t want to miss it.

These prepared guides provide you with all the essentials for your tour. Helmets, sunscreen, water bottles, gloves and city maps are all made available. Should you need anything else, Berlin On Bike is eager to connect you with the tips or supplies you need to make your journey perfect.


4. Free Tours By Foot

Strapped for cash and exploring Berlin on a budget? Free Tours By Foot provides you with all the essentials for a self-guided tour through the best art around. Grab a friend, or meander alone. Either way, this self-guided tour is the perfect accompaniment for anyone who wants to see Berlin’s famous art, at their own pace.


Have you explored Berlin’s Street Art before? Share your insider tips in the comments below!