During the last decade or so we have seen our mobile devices change so much, and all for the good of the customer. We can now carry out many day to day tasks using our mobiles as well as sourcing out our entertainment when out and about. The latest handsets have made playing at an online casino simple and incredibly entertaining.

It’s safe to say that mobile gaming is on the up, in fact, the figures tell us that it is now the biggest player in the mobile market with revenue topping a massive 17.9 billion Euro in 2016 (a combination of tablet and smartphone sales.)

When Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone a decade ago with his team from Apple he predicted that it would change the way we communicate forever, and how right he was.

Mobile gaming is so convenient for many people who lead busy lives so it’s no wonder that its popularity has rocketed. With no need to be tied to a screen the power of play it right at your fingertips, which proves its worth especially when traveling or even having a few minutes to spare to unwind.

Many games have transferred over to the smaller screen perfectly and if we take slots as an example they sit well on mobile devices and do not deter from the quality of your gameplay.

There have been some clever design features by the game’s developers in order to guarantee a great game and this can be seen at it’s best in the iconic game of roulette.

You might think that if you wanted to play mobile roulette the game would not work well on your mobile device as the action takes place in two areas, the betting on the table then the spin of the wheel. In order to make the game work roulette has been designed in two stages. First you place your bet on the table and after the screen flips to the wheel with some games giving a superb birds eye view of the spin so you can follow the ball on its travels as the wheel slows down and the ball lands (hopefully) into a winning pocket. This makes playing online roulette so easy and enjoyable that is it is one of the most played online mobile game about. The way the two areas of the game has been covered so both are not diminished makes playing mobile roulette as exciting as ever.

Mobile games just seem to work well and fit with the technology contained inside the devices, and because of the availability and increased access where players can use swipe to spin, and one-touch betting functions there is no hassle enjoying your favorite online games.

Mobile players rarely have to create a new password or give a different payment option to the ones used on their computers. Today players can even pay using their mobiles phones and have the amount added on to the monthly bill or deducted from their pay as you go balance.