Spain is always a popular destination for holidaymakers, and Tenerife in particular is proving to be a real hit. It’s the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, and is known for its varied beaches, colourful carnivals and family friendly atmosphere. Sound good? Here are six reasons you should consider Tenerife for your next family holiday


  1. Short haul flight

If you don’t fancy making the kids sit on a plane for hours on end, Tenerife is a good bet. Unlike venturing to the other side of the globe, Tenerife is roughly a four-hour journey –

enough time to enjoy a film on a personal DVD player, read, do some coloring in, enjoy a snack or two – or have a little doze.


  1. Beaches!

Tenerife has many beaches, some of which are black sand (the island is dominated by a dormant volcano, providing the black sand on many shores), while others are yellow. Fañabé beach is perfect if your family are sporty as the sea is perfect for water sports, whereas El Bollullo is known as Tenerife’s most beautiful beach and is perfect for a spot of sandcastle building and sunbathing. Check out the botanic garden bordering Playa Jardin too – the pink flowers look fantastic beside palm trees and volcanic sand, and there are plenty of restaurants nearby for refreshments.


  1. Warm sunshine, but not blistering

As Tenerife is positioned just off the coast of West Africa, it enjoys a warm tropical climate and averages about 28 degrees in the summer. This makes it the perfect destination for families as the sun is warm without being blistering, meaning you can smother the kids in sun cream and let them run wild on the beach or beside the pool.  There’s not much rainfall in Tenerife either (provided you don’t stay in the mountains), so you’re pretty much guaranteed a holiday with wall-to-wall sunshine, which could be a dramatic contrast to the weather back home!


  1. Lots of family-friendly amusements

Another reason you should consider taking your family to Tenerife is that it’s so geared up for kids. As well as offering beautiful scenery, up-market shopping and great cuisine for adults, the island caters for children with all the indoor and outdoor entertainment. Head to Siam Water Park or Aqualand if the kids fancy hurling themselves down slides, check out the Submarine Safari, or get tickets for Loro Parque. Loro Parque wildlife center is home to parrots, dolphins and even Antarctic penguins (comfortably tucked away in an ice tunnel, of course!).


  1. Plenty of outdoor activities

If you’d like to get the kids out in the fresh air, Tenerife is a great place for that too. You can take a cable-car up Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide, and the kids can swim in the rock pools or explore the forests near the Anga Mountains.


  1. A number of hotels are designed with families in mind

As well as offering a number of hotels that are perfect for couples and groups of friends traveling together, there are various places with reasonably priced rooms to suit families. Try and book the ground or lower floors, this makes it easy to pop back to your room for extra sun cream, swimming nappies and bottles without needing to pull a pram up flights of stairs. In fact, some hotels kit out their rooms with prams, high chairs and cots, so it really is a family friendly destination!


So, have these reasons persuaded you to take a look at hotel deals to Tenerife? Let us know.