New York Skyline

4 Unique Shopping Experiences In New York

The big apple is packed with opportunities for romance, adventure, and fun. New York is one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the US, if not the entire world. If there is one thing New York is famous for it’s the incredible shopping. Buckle-up and get ready for the ride of your life: these 4 unique shopping experiences in New York are the perfect way to get ready for the holiday season in the most memorable ways.


1. Hit Up The Brooklyn Flea Market

The Brooklyn Flea features hundreds of top vendors, all selling tons of antiques, unique collectables, out-of-this-world furniture, and random gizmos that will make your head spin with excitement. This is the perfect place to get lost for hours. In fact, this famous flea market has so much to offer it has been called one of the greatest urban experiences to be had in New York.


2. Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market

This incredible flea market is the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind item you know you wouldn’t find anywhere else. If you’re thinking you’re only going to find dusty old knick-knacks like the ones sitting on your grandma’s dusty shelves, you can think again. This flea market is known to have celebs and fashion designers wandering around its streets looking for the next best grab. Located near the Port Authority Bus Station, and open all year long (even in the winter,) you’re sure to find some unique, exciting buys here.


3. Green Flea In Manhattan

Green Flea is a top-of-the-line flea market located in Manhattan that offers both an indoor and outdoor shopping area. It’s been around for some 30 years and has developed quite a name for itself. This is not your average flea market. The money generated through the Green Flea Market goes to providing enrichment opportunities to four public schools in the area, PS 87, The Computer School, PS 334 (Anderson Program) and PS 452. In the past 30 years since their beginning, Green Flea has been able to send the schools more than $7,000,000 to fund their enrichment programs! Who can’t get behind shopping for a cause?


4. Shop Gotham Shopping Tour

NYC newbies, take a breath, we’ve got you covered. This tour operating company was designed specifically for those of us who have no idea where the best shops are in NYC and want to know where to find the latest trends only available in New York. Go on one of their many tours, receive insider information AND insider discounts. Grab a few friends, and make an event of it! The Shop Gotham tour operators have got your back so you can take a deep breath and just enjoy your shopping.

Bonus: Don’t forget to book your stay! Make sure to secure your accommodation at one of the best New York hotels around. At the end of a long day of shopping, you’ll want to retreat to a nice, comfortable room and get your much-needed beauty sleep.

If these 5 unique things to do in New York don’t have you ready to pack your bags and hop on the next flight, we don’t know what will. New York has a world of opportunity waiting for you to enjoy!