How can you get the full meaning behind what you see in beautiful and historic Israel? Find out how guided tours in Israel can spice up your travel experience!

See Israel’s Rich Past Come to Life in the Present

When traveling to a foreign country, you will see sights that you never imagined, things that astound you and take your breath away.  However, when visiting a country that is so rich in history and culture, with roots that reach back thousands of years, how can you truly appreciate and understand everything that you are seeing?

Although many shy away from the idea of guided tours, this is mainly due to misconceptions.  What are guided tours in Israel like and what can you see there?  Check out the information below to see why a guided tour should be part of your itinerary in Israel!

What Guided Tours Are and What They Are Not

Some may shudder at the idea of being herded around like a herd of animals from one historic spot to the next, listening to the droning voice of a bored tour guide.  However, this is not necessarily what you will find in a guided tour.  Instead, your eyes may be opened to new possibilities, new adventures, and you will gain deeper insight into things that, by simply looking at them, you may not have noticed or understood fully.

Guided tours in Israel can give you incredible insights into pieces of history that you never knew, letting the past become a living thing in your present.

What Types of Guided Tours Are Available?

Guided tours in Israel can be private for your personal travel party, letting you have more control over exactly what you will see and do.  Conversely, these tours can also put you together with other travelers from all over the world, letting you mingle and make new friends during your adventure.

Also, the time involved is up to you. Choose from a few days to a few weeks. Travel in style in 5 star hotels or travel cheaply. You can choose exactly the type of adventure you want to have.

What Will You See on a Guided Tour in Israel?

When traveling through this beautiful country, you will journey through deserts to the highlands, the beautiful cities, and the incredible historic sites where battles were fought and won.  You can visit the Red City of Petra carved into the rocks, climb to the top of Masada at daybreak to see the sunrise, and see places where history changed its course so many centuries ago.  You can walk the streets where Jesus Christ himself walked, where he grew up in Nazareth, and where he preached there and in Galilee.  See the waters of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed the storm and walked across the sea, or travel to the Dead Sea to float in its therapeutic waters.

Guided tours in Israel offer you the best of all of these wonders and more, while letting you peer in to the incredible history behind what you’re seeing.  Really, how can you truly appreciate the rich historical value without someone to guide you?  That’s why guided tours in Israel are such a valuable option for your trip.