How to Prepare for the Arctic Cruise?

The weather in the Arctic is not always as severe as you might think, when you look at the picture of a brave traveler, struggling through a blizzard. As a rule, cruises usually take place in summer, when temperatures vary from -15°C to +4° C (5°F – 40° F). The sun never sets in the Northern Hemisphere during this season, so you’ll be able to discover the beauty of the local nature in the never-ending daylight.

What to Expect from a Cruise? Arctic Conditions Surrender to Adventurous Travelers

What are your expectations of the cruise arctic? Even if you have already read numerous reviews by other travelers, you’ll still be surprised. Indeed, you’ll witness a wonderful life of amazing wild plants you have never seen before, watch awesome animals caress their newborn babies. Moreover, you shall be able to hear the birds singing an unusual song during your cruise. Arctic nature will reveal its magnetic warmth, hidden inside an icy cover, when you venture upon this journey.


What to Pack for the Arctic Cruise?

You will need to prepare well for the Arctic cruise. Here is a checklist that will help you stay warm & dry during your trip.

Firstly, such cruises do not necessarily require much gear, unlike many people could have thought. You can pack a few pieces of clothing and several items that will help you feel rather comfortable in severe weather. The top secret is to create 3-4 layers with the help of silk, wool or synthetic fleece clothes. Thus, your body will be able to breathe without much perspiration, and the air stuck between the layers will maintain warmth.


Enjoy Your Awesome Journey to the Arctic! Cruise Clothes Checklist

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket
  • Woolen sweater / Fleece
  • Polo / Turtlenecks
  • Thermal underwear
  • Ski pants / Jogging bottoms & Waterproof trousers
  • Socks (both wool and polypropylene)
  • Hat & Scarf (woolen / fleece)
  • Polypropylene gloves & Woolen mittens
  • Rubber waterproof boots.

You will also need a pair of quality sunglasses. It is crucial to choose polarized ones, because they ensure the best possible protection from UV light. Even if you can see no obvious sunlight, it is highly reflected by the water and snow, so pack sun screen cream with a powerful UV-filter for your face, too.

Do not forget to take plastic bags or waterproof cases for all your electronic items. Protect your camera, cell phone, charger and batteries from cold and moisture. Remember to charge them regularly, because they will be more likely to run down in such severe conditions.

Of course, it is only an outline of your preparation guide to the Arctic. If you are going to permafrost, you should consult your travel agent and get detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself for this journey. Feel free to contact our tour operators to get comprehensive information on any cruise destination, ships and equipment!