When traveling to Switzerland, the city of Zurich should be on top of any “to-see-list”. This stunningly beautiful city seems to be bursting with culture, flair and easy living. But there is a downside to this fantastic holiday destination: Staying in Zurich is quite expensive. So let’s have a look at some small and cosy hotels which will not leave you penniless after one night. We’ll introduce two nice restaurants, where you’ll enjoy delicious food for reasonable prices and, last but not least, give you some ideas on what not to miss during your visit to Zurich.

Design, style and comfort in the heart of the city

If you have not heard of the very unique hotel chain called 25hours-hotels, you now have the chance to change that! The German hotel chain consist of 11 individually designed houses in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna and … Zurich! Each hotel reflects the ambience of the city and you’ll never stop finding small lovingly placed details, which will make you smile. On top, the four-star design hotel in Zurich is actually cheaper than a lot of three-star hotels in the area, so you should definitely check it out! Of course, you will also find many youth hostels and random low budget hotels, but a holiday should be a treat after all and nothing beats a good night’s sleep. One more option we would like to present is Glamping! Luxury camping just outside the city right by Lake Zurich is something amazing. There is a Glamping Website in German, which gives you all the needed information about this cool and quite affordable option.

Time to eat …

After a nice place to lay down your head is sorted, it’s time to have some great and typical Swiss food! Of course you can blow your entire budget on an unforgettable culinary journey in one of the many up-scale gourmet temples in town. And if you are a single gentleman looking for a stunningly beautiful lady companion to join you for the evening, all you need to do is pick up the phone. One of Europe’s most prestigious escort service is based in Zurich and will arrange exclusive dates with VIP escorts. But that would definitely eat up your holiday savings in no time. So let’s find some more suitable places to dine. One of the coolest – and in comparison, affordable – restaurants in town is the “Odeon” at the Bellevue. In this historic location, famous people like Thomas Mann or Albert Einstein enjoyed the typical Swiss dishes you’ll be served here. During summer, check out the garden restaurant “Bauschäntzli”. It’s big, it’s bustling with life and it’s absolutely worth a visit!

Things to do and to see in Zurich

The question should be: What not to do and not to see in Zurich?”. That would be much easier to answers. Stroll around Lake Zurich, have a glass of wine in one of the many cafés along the shore. Then maybe get a ticket for the public transportation system in Zurich and enjoy a boat ride across the lake. Climb the impressive towers of the “Grossmünster” Church and be enchanted be the breath-taking views over the skyline. If you don’t want to pay a penny and still visit one of the cultural highlights in Zurich, go and see the “Fraumünster” Church in the city centre. When the night comes you will find countless places to party! So why not take your shoes off and dace till dawn in the “BarFussBar” (bare foot bar).