A luxury cruise tends to feature prominently on a travel bucket list, whether it’s a Nordic venture to view the Northern Lights, or a full blown around-the-world extravaganza.

Whatever the kind of cruise you’re planning, if you’re a newbie cruiser, finding and booking your perfect cruise can be daunting. Unfortunately, there are several novice cruiser pitfalls. So before you book your dream cruise, sit back, relax and learn about these common mistakes.

Selecting the Wrong Cabin

Unlike hotel rooms, there are endless possibilities when it comes to cabins, so you can never afford to be presumptive. There are some that offer ocean views, others that have no windows, some that overlook the deck, others that have a balcony, and even those that include additional services, like a butler.

Not Pre-booking Excursions

It’s a common misconception that all tours and excursions are included when you book. However, some may cost extra and others may have limited capacity. To avoid disappointment, book before you board to ensure you get everything you want from your once in a lifetime cruise.

Forgoing Travel Agents

You may be tempted to go it alone, but a specialist travel agent can be invaluable to a first time cruiser. A travel agent can help to avoid many of the pitfalls mentioned here and help to ease your worry. As an added bonus, you may save money by purchasing deals that are solely available to their agency – Bolsover Cruise Club have 29 cruise deals.

Selecting Oversized Luggage

This is a very easy mistake to make. With limited onboard space, cruise cabins are carefully designed to make the most of what they have to offer. While standard suitcases can be stowed under beds, larger cases take up valuable floor space. To avoid bruised shins on those mid-night bathroom trips, choose wisely.

Forgetting the Weather

You may find great deals on cruises in certain months of the year, but there tends to be a reason for this: cooler temperatures. While this does mean fewer tourists, make sure to research your holiday climate to find out if temperatures will affect any activities you have planned.

Selecting Same-Day Flights

Flying the same day your cruise departs may seem like a no brainer, especially if you have a smaller holiday window and want to make the most of your time. But a delayed flight, turbulence or lost luggage could spell disaster. Instead, fly the day before so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in a hotel, knowing that you’ll be on time to board your cruise.