Family holidays can be fantastic fun and hugely valuable experiences. Not only will you make many happy memories together, but they can also teach your children about the world and provide an eye-opening experience for them. Before jetting off on your child’s first holiday, there are a few things to keep in mind. This will ensure that your holiday is a fun, happy, memorable and extremely valuable experience for all.



The key to a successful holiday with a family starts before you set off. Whilst packing for your child’s first holiday, it is crucial that you pack smart and this will involve being fully prepared for the climate of your destination. Not just this, but you will also want to have spares of many items. It is also essential that you pack many toys and games to keep them occupied during lengthy trips.



Regardless of the method of transportation, it is likely that the travel will be the most stressful aspect. If possible, you should break the trip up into small sessions to reduce stress. You should also have a backpack full of water, snacks and a range of toys to keep them occupied. Have a few family games in mind as these can make the time pass for everyone.


Stress-free itinerary

Taking your child on holiday for the fist time will be exciting. There will be the temptation to have an itinerary bursting with activities and sights to see, but this is not the best method. Young children will tire quickly when on holiday and therefore it is important to have periods of rest. Also, be sure that the places that you do visit are places that your kids will enjoy visiting (amusement parks, water-parks, zoos etc.) During down time, simply enjoy each others company with food, reading and family games.


Homey accommodation

Whilst your child will no doubt be fascinated by their new surroundings, it is also likely that they will miss home comforts. When booking accommodation, it is important to find homey places where your child can fully unwind and recharge their batteries. Certain companies, including TotstoTravel, offer family-friendly villas at exotic destinations around the world. These places will have all the comforts from home in a luxury setting, plus child-friendly features such as swimming pools protected by gates.


These tips should help your child’s first vacation to be a brilliant one. It is also important to be confident, have a smile on your face and be flexible to suit your child’s needs each day.