Sanado Square Macau

Coined as the famous ‘Las Vegas of The East’, and arguably just as good, if not better, Macau is a small chunk of land extended off China that used to be Portuguese soil. Today it’s the known most attractive place to ‘live it up’ in Asia. It’s got all the glitzy Casinos you could dream of, decently priced luxury hotels, and is the perfect combination of Portuguese and Chinese culture. If you’re coming from the West, you may wonder, is it really all that special? Should you travel to the other side of the world when Las Vegas is just a hop, skip, and a jump away?
In short, yes. If you love gambling from your own home, a visit to Macau will be a dream come true! There’s nothing better than brushing up on your gambling skills online and then heading to Macau to celebrate.

There are many websites on the internet that can give you an actual feel on how online casino games may look like.

Here are the three top reasons Macau should be at the top of every game-lover’s list:


  1. The Casinos

Business Insider called it like it is in their scandalous article, “These Casinos In Macau Make Las Vegas Look Like A Dump” In their article, they mention that the gambling turnover in Macau is FIVE times that in Vegas! If that wasn’t enough to send you packin’, just one look at the newest build Casinos will. The Venetian Macau has the largest casino floor in the world, and the Fisherman’s Wharf has a fake Amsterdam and 130-foot-high working volcano, which erupts nightly, according to Business Insider. Take that Vegas.


  1. The Food

CNN Travel lays out a spread of scrumptious, and unique, cuisine found in Macau. Whether it’s a juicy Pork Bun that tickles your fancy or the Prawn tartar that makes you drool, Macau has it all. Feast your eyes on Sweet Pork Jerky, or change things up and try the Black Garlic Chocolate. Macau is serving up the finest taste bud-tantalizing dishes that will keep your tummy rumbling all day long.


  1. The Portuguese Culture

Few things are better than traveling to another country and getting a two-for-one deal in cultural experiences. Something beautifully thrilling happens when you fuse Portuguese culture with Chinese culture. We love the way Fodors lays out a simple guide to the best aspects of Portuguese culture waiting to be experienced in Macau. You may think you’re visiting China when you visit Macau; but, don’t be dismayed, Macau is a wild animal all on its own!