Some know San Francisco for its cool cable cars, and its stunning Golden Gate Bridge while others know it for its hip tech vibe, and quad-killer hills. Whether San Francisco is home to you or a dream vacation destination, one thing’s for sure: there is something for everybody.


Golden Gate Bridge


3 Unique Hotels In San Francisco Everyone Should See


When planning your ultimate getaway to San Fran, the first thing most people begin to fret over is where they’re going to stay. But there’s no reason to break a sweat over accommodation in San Francisco. This trendy city is in no short supply of hip boutiques, and luxurious hotels. You’re sure to find the perfect place to suit all your traveling needs here! Check out these awesome & unique hotels in San Fran!


1. Hotel Rex, a Joie de Vivre hotel


This boutique hotel is located smack dab in the middle of Union Square. Talk about location! If you want to experience the finest that San Fransico has to offer, this is the place for you. The Hotel Rex is located in Gallery Row, which means all the action will be within a mere walking distance from your room! Get ready for fine dining, art gallery appreciation, boutique shopping experiences, and the party of the-the century in any one of the popping nightclubs around. Plus, the hotel staff at the Hotel Rex will blow you away with their professionalism and friendliness! They are always there to assist you in whatever you need, and know all the BEST secrets of the city so you can be sure to leave having missed out on nothing San Fran has to offer!


2. Argonaut Hotel, A Noble House Hotel


If you enjoy fusing the bustle of the city with the calm of beach life, consider yourself to be somewhat of a history buff, and wouldn’t complain at the thought of feasting on fresh seafood every evening, then the Argonaut Hotel is for you. This sleek hotel has been thoughtfully designed to play on the rich history of the area. Located right on the Fisherman’s Warf, the location of the Argonaut hotel makes it a coveted destination. Allow yourself to be transported to the early days when San Francisco was only beginning to make a name for itself as immigrants from around the world boarded ships and set sail in search for treasure during California’s Gold Rush. Staying at the Argonaut Hotel is surely the rare chance to glimpse into the rich history of San Fran.


3. The Kensington Park Hotel


This unique hotel is crafted out of a 1925 Gothic-style building that will envelop you in an atmosphere of sheer elegance and luxury the moment you enter through its doors. You’ll love the views of Union Square from your hotel window. Mere footsteps away from your hotel you can enjoy unbeatable shopping, visit the famous sea lions, enjoy the rich Italian cuisine and history, and feast your eyes on the gorgeous views of the sea. Staying at the Kensington Park Hotel is a luxury vacation all on its own!


San Fransisco is world-class vacation destination! Soak up every minute you get to spend in this incredible city– you’ll always find yourself daydreaming of the moment you get to go back!