If you are tired of your usual daily routine, if you begin spending sleepless nights thinking about the sun and the sea, green countryside or exotic places somewhere abroad, there`s no doubt you are ready for a holiday.


Nowadays a dynamic and competitive tourism industry offers a great variety of things you can do to vary your life making it more colorful and enjoyable. When people who are crazy about gambling want to hit the table, the first place they think is Las Vegas. In fact, there are some other renowned gambling centers in the world. After visiting Los Angeles and Monte Carlo, we break down the pros and cons of each.

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If you want to dive into the paradise of entertainments, come up with the idea of exploring Los Angeles, the USA. It is a perfect holiday destination for tourists to have a fabulous time there. Walk along the busy streets Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Boulevard or Miracle Mile to go sightseeing, drop in a café or a restaurant to taste delicious food and visit shops to exercise your wallet. The thousands of tourists are fond of visiting Disneyland, the biggest attraction, Griffith Park with its zoo, golf court and observatory, Hollywood and Hollywood Walk of Fame. It`s wonderful to make a great hike to Runyon Canyon Park admiring its awesome views, lie in the sun on the sandy beaches and breathe in the warm Californian air.

For a taste of history and spectacular sights, head  up to Monte Carlo, Monaco. Go along the walkway in Monaco-Ville, climb up the stone steps and through the roads carved through hills. At the top, you will be rewarded with the Oceanographic Museum and the Prince’s Palace, both worth spending time in.. The Italian-style gallery and the 15th century frescoes, the Louis XV lounge all in yellow and gold, the Throne Room, decorated with an impressive Renaissance fireplace, the Main Courtyard and its 17th century Carrara marble double staircase of the palace can impress everybody. But without visiting a casino your trip won`t be completed.

The Casinos

Monte Carlo’s wealth and history are a direct result from the establishment of casinos in the 19th century that brought in the wealth from all across Europe. The majority of them are very expensive. The gaming culture in Monte Carlo is the most famed and legendary. Los Angeles can boast of the Commerce Casino, the Bicycle Casino which are the most well-known and other smaller ones that are worth visiting. In both cities you’ll find the usual slots, poker, blackjack, craps and, our personal favorite, roulette.


The passport, the dress code are required while visiting Monte Carlo`s casinos and there is a 10 Euro charge to enter and 20 Euros to play. The people aged of 21 are allowed to enter. The tourists` bags and cameras are kept in the left-luggage office. The nice thing about Los Angeles is that you have a wide range of casinos to choose from, ranging from inexpensive to super.

However, if you’re not able to jump on a plane and jet off to either destination, then you always consider playing your favorite casino games on ”Casinority”. Just always remember to do it so responsibly.

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