We’ve never been able to settle in one country, and we crave the excitement of new places, new faces and new cultures from around the globe. One of the things that our unique lifestyle has allowed us to experience is a real bond with the world around us. Not just to experience nature by travelling into unknown territories, but to see different wildlife in their natural habitat. With this in mind, today’s blog post is all about our top three reasons why wildlife holidays are the ultimate adventure.

1. They can take you across the globe

Travelling our way across the world is of course a life goal for us, but the great thing about wildlife holidays is that they can literally take you anywhere. Do you want to discover jaguars in Brazil? Do you want to walk with tigers in India? Or do you want to go whale watching in some of the most remote parts of this planet? If you book with a company like Exodus Travels, then you’ll have a whole range of holiday options available to you. Just go over to their site to check them out!

2. You get to experience all climates

Speaking of being able to go anywhere, let’s not forget that you’ve come to our blog for a reason. You want help and advice, but with a dash of class. Luckily, wildlife adventures don’t have to mean camping out under the stars if you don’t want to (although that sounds awesome too!). You can head to snow-capped mountains and spend your evenings in a log cabin, or you can go on safari, but spending your evenings in a luxurious treehouse. The great thing about wildlife holidays is that no matter what your preferences are, there’s always something to suit you.

3. You get to experience natural phenomena

This is the most important thing for us. You might go out to Tanzania for the safari, but why not really test yourself with a Kilimanjaro climb? You might head to Yukon in Canada for a spot of whale watching, but how about ending your trip with the Northern Lights? Taking a walk on the wild side is all about creating memories that will last a lifetime, so why not extend your wildlife tour to take in some of the sites that an area is known for. You can check out more places to see the Aurora Borealis by clicking here.


We hope this post has given you plenty to think about on your next trip. Where are you headed? We’d love to hear about it, so please drop us a comment!