If you’re slap bang in the middle of piecing together your bucket list or are busy planning your a once in a lifetime trip then you may be able to draw some inspiration from our list of just some of the best places in the world that you really should try and see before you die.


If you are interested in the natural world there isn’t quite anywhere else on the planet as unusual and diverse as the Galápagos Islands. This incredibly interesting location set in the beautiful blue seas of the Pacific Ocean is often considered the principal destination for viewing wildlife. It’s hugely diverse range of both animal and plant species gives visitors a unique experience to learn and observe.

galapagos island


The Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park in China is home to one of the most stunningly awe-inspiring landforms on the planet. The park features an incredible range of colourful rock formations that are quite literally nicknamed the Rainbow Mountains. The mountain range is made up of different coloured layers of sandstone as well as other minerals which have been weathered by the wind and rain for thousands of years and the result is a beautiful area of multicoloured mountains.

Rainbow Mountains


It’s the largest system of coral reef in the world and is the biggest single structure that is made up of living organisms. It stretches over 2,000 kms right along the east coast of Australia in Queensland and is an absolutely stunning vision of the natural world. You can experience the reef up close and personal with a number of special diving excursions but if you don’t feel like getting wet you can always take a boat or even plane trip to take in the dazzling views from above the water.

Great Barrier Reef


If the natural world doesn’t appeal to you that much then you may feel more at home with a little bit of luxury and extravagance. If your only experience with gambling has been playing bingo on new bingo sites or putting a bet on the races every so often, then the Monte Carlo will be a truly life changing experience. The famous casino based in Monte Carlo offers some incredible décor and architecture much like most of the surrounding area. But of course is a welcoming and extremely popular destination for celebrities and wealthy gamblers looking to place a few bets.



After quite recently becoming more and more of a popular tourist destination this little known subterranean river and cave system is an incredibly breathtaking location filled with thousands upon thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. This stunning untouched environment provides visitors with a spectacular close-up tour that allows you to enter the cave system, hike around and even swim beneath the crystal museum.