The bustling city of Los Angeles is the renowned hub of our nation’s entertainment industry. Popular attractions include taking your picture in front of the illustrious Hollywood sign, strolling along the Walk of Fame, or taking a  behind-the-scenes tour of studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, or Universal. But we recommend experiencing the popular tourist attractions while seeking out some of the lesser known activities. Many people are prone to hesitation at the thought of heading to L.A. due to steep prices. Little do they know there are tons of free, or minimal cost attractions in this sprawling city. Additionally, it is easy to get car title loans in Los Angeles if you’re strapped for cash. In the meantime, here are a few free attraction to get you started exploring:

The Getty Center:

The Getty Center is an acclaimed museum that is—guess what?–free!! You will only have to pay for parking, which is $15 and only $10 after 5:00 PM. They feature a permanent collection of  renowned sculptures, manuscripts, paintings and photographs spanning pre-20th century American and European history; as well as, 19th- and 20th-century American, European, and Asian photographs and both contemporary and modern sculptures. In addition to their permanent collection, The Getty Center offers seasonal Premiere Presentations in which they bring in artifacts and artwork from museums around the world.

The Getty Center has a phenomenal architectural design incorporating modern elements with beautiful gardens, large open spaces, and breathtaking views of Los Angeles. Perched on a hilltop within the Santa Monica Mountains, visitors can see the Pacific Ocean, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the grid of the city itself. Architect Richard Meier designed this museum to be the perfect incorporation of nature, culture, history, and modern design. If you’re visiting Los Angeles, this is the perfect opportunity to take in a scope of rich cultural heritage and history.

Star Viewing at Griffith Park:

Griffith J. Griffith was adamant in his belief that viewing the spectacularity of the cosmos was enough to change mankind. He left money in his will to build a public observatory in Los Angles, and the public has been benefiting since the opening of the Griffith Observatory in 1935. Their telescopes are free to the public every night until 9:30PM—so long as the skies are clear. On one Saturday every month, the Observatory hosts a free star party to encourage the public to grow in interest for our universe. They offer a variety of telescopes to view the cosmos. Come prepared to engage in conversation with amateur astronomers and star-lovers alike.

Grand Performances

Grand Performances is a company determined to make performing arts available to the public. They curate a vast array of music, dance, film, and spoken word featuring artists from around the world. The best part: each of these seasonal performances are absolutely free. Simply pay for parking, and enjoy a spectacular performance. Grand Performances reflects a variety of artistic styles that include loud, high-energy performances, and quieter, thought-provoking ones. Summer is the prime time for these free performances and you’re sure to have plenty to pick from.

Los Angeles is packed with unique reflections of our culture and history. Don’t let steep prices intimidate you from enjoying the best this city has to offer!