With its stunning scenery and long winding roads, Canada is one of the most impressive countries to take a road trip. People who have a strong sense of adventure and a love for the open road are sure to enjoy driving in Canada and there are plenty of places to pause and take in the scenery along the way. Here is a selection of the most exciting advanced road trips in Canada for motorists to enjoy.

Cabot Trail
This enchanting road trip route takes motorists through some of the most picturesque scenery in the whole of the Canadian East Coast. The trail follows a stunning seaside loop around Cape Breton Island and passes through several communities along the way. Camping at Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a great way to break up the journey and travellers can take a few hours out to follow some of the area’s impressive hiking trails while they are there.

Calgary to Jasper
The Rocky Mountains are among the most famous landmarks in the whole of Canada and this road trip route allows visitors to view the mighty mountains in all their glory. The route takes motorists through the very heart of the Rockies as it passes through the large and lovely Banff National Park before moving on towards Jasper. The route also runs alongside the gently flowing Sunwapta River and viewpoints can be found along the way.

Vancouver Island
The west coast of Canada boasts a number of rugged outcrops that provide scenic seaside views. Follow roads that lead from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to the western shores to really get a feel for the area’s wild natural beauty.

Toronto to Niagara Falls
Few visitors to Canada could resist the chance to view the magnificent Niagara Falls and taking a road trip is the best way to get there in comfort and style. Motorists can start their trip in the city of Toronto and take an enchanting detour through the wine country of Ontario.

Sunshine Coast
Taking a road trip along the Sunshine Coast is the best way to see the natural beauty of this area without having to pay through the nose for accommodation. Long, winding roads hug the coastline offering motorists plenty of sea views and motorists will want to make sure that they pause for a while in the early evening to take a stroll along one of the gorgeous sandy beaches and take in the sunset.

Canadian Prairies
This rural landscape is dotted with farming communities and wide stretches of open land and following one of the routes through this part of Canada can be very relaxing. The route that leads all the way from the eastern part of Manitoba through to the towering foothills of the Rocky Mountains is very dramatic and makes more than makes up for some of the quieter moments of the trip.

Of course, driving in another country is not without its dangers, and motorists will want to make sure they are protected throughout the journey. Taking out hire car excess insurance is the best way to make sure that you are covered no matter what happens during the journey.