Rome is a fantastic city. It is a truly amazing place, an eclectic mix of the old and the cutting edge. This warm and friendly city offers a range of unusual and quirky things to do. Rome is a city that you can easily be swept up into. It is a truly captivating place.

There is a long list of experiences for you to enjoy in Rome including plenty of chances to enjoy the performing arts, opera in particular. There are lots of different ways to enjoy opera in Rome. Here we give you a taste of what the city’s opera companies have to offer:

Traditional Opera

If you want to experience a full-blown traditional opera, performed in the classic style, the Teatro dell Opera is definitely the best place to go. This impressive building was built in the late 1800s and has recently been completely refurbished.

It has legendary acoustics and is air-conditioned too. However, in the summer the company relocates to the Baths of Caracalla (see the open-air opera section for more details).

Contemporary Opera

For those with tastes that are more modern the Teatro Piccola Lirica is a great option. This opera company is famous for taking classical works and re-working them into 90-minute performances.

Young singers often break through into the world of opera by performing for this company. This company is famous for combining the classic art of opera with modern technology to produce a truly unique and captivating experience for their audiences.

Open air Opera

On a balmy spring or summer evening, opera in the open is a fantastic experience, and in Rome, you are in for a real treat. Performances at the huge and impressive ancient Baths of Caracalla are a remarkable sight, a real treat for the senses.

The operas performed are changed every year, but the season usually includes popular classics like Tosca.

When you go try to buy seats in the central area, the view from the cheaper seats at the sides is not always great, so it is worth paying a little extra for your tickets and enjoying the experience in full.

Intimate Operatic Experiences

As well as full-blown operatic productions, Rome offers the chance to enjoy concerts of the famous and popular arias. Many of these performances take place in smaller venues like churches, which provide a fantastic backdrop and outstanding acoustics.

There is also the chance to take in a little opera and enjoy some fine dining at the same time. Some of the city’s best restaurants book opera singer to entertain guests while they dine.

The Best Way to Buy your Tickets

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