There’s nothing worse than being stuck on an airplane with obnoxious people—especially if you already get nervous being in confined spaces tens of thousands of feet up in the air.

It’s even worse when you find yourself stuck in the back of the plane surrounded by crying babies. It’s happened to us more than once, and we like to joke that the experiences were more than enough birth control to last a lifetime…

I think we’ve all experienced a situation on a plane when we unfortunately had to deal with people who were less-than-polite.

For us it’s crying children that drive us mad, but it turns out that the number one frustration for British fliers are drunk and obnoxious passengers. (Another one that’s easy to understand.) My Voucher Codes asked 1000 British people what flying behaviors got on their nerves the most, and inebriated fliers came out on top with 23% of the votes. Other contenders for the worst airplane etiquette included body odor and those obnoxious seat recliners.

If you’re planning any upcoming travel, then don’t be one of those obnoxious fliers people just can’t stand. This funny but accurate infographic from Travel News Net will ensure you and all those around you avoid air rage.




We all have our own pet peeves, so tell us yours! What frustrates you the most when you fly? Do you have any guilty habits that you know annoy those around you? Splurge the details in the comments below!