I have spent a lot of time traveling throughout India and have come to love the country and its people immensely, despite India being one of the most challenging and difficult places I have ever traveled to. One thing I admire about India is the people; there’s a strength, resilience, and quiet grace about them (especially the women) that I find inspiring and tirelessly fascinating.

This old woman caught my eye on a train one evening and I found her absolutely mesmerizing. She seemed lost in her own world, just sitting there staring out the window. I wanted to speak to her, find out her entire life story for surely she had lived through some amazing experiences, but I didn’t want to disturb her. She looked so beautiful in the fading sunlight that in the end, I snuck a photo of her. It’s the only thing to remind me of that moving moment.


Connie Hum is the editor of Connvoyage. She loves getting in-depth and personal with local culture, believing that travel isn’t merely about destinations, but rather the people you encounter and share the experiences with. Connie has slept in Bedouin caves deep in the mountains of Petra, survived a 14-day trek at a height of 5416 meters along the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, scuba-dived with thresher sharks off the coast of the Philippines, and learned to play backgammon in the streets of Istanbul through pantomime with elderly Turkish men. Follow @connvoyage on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine to be a part of the adventure.


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