In collaboration with Yonderbound.


Chances are you’re as addicted and passionate about travel as we are. So what about actually having something to show for your expertise the next time you go about planning your next trip and leaving recommendations and reviews on the places you stay?

Yonderbound, an exciting new platform that allows you to do exactly that, finally goes beyond the old travel review and booking sites to give something back to us, the users, for helping to build their content. If that’s not reason enough for you to check it out though then have a look for yourselves at just how sleek and smooth the interface and design of Yonderbound is. The moment you arrive on its home page you can begin exploring this new world of travel information, safe in the knowledge that what you add to the site you’re also likely to gain from (in terms of your next trip) too.

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How Does it Work?

Yonderbound’s main message centres around the notion that it is a platform that allows you to ‘inspire people to travel and earn money along the way’. How does it do this? Through the innovative new system of Yondercredit.

Yondercredit is what you get from building your own Yonderbox, a feature within the site itself that enables you to chart out a future trip, or make recommendations based on a past one, around any destination you might be a particular expert in.

Giving you back up to 70% of the net revenue your advice helps to produce, sharing your tips and recommendations suddenly becomes hugely motivating in a way that other travel knowledge platforms ignore. Gaining credit in this way, which you can then put toward new bookings made through the platform, makes it far more enticing and rewarding to use – especially if you’re like us and travelling far and often!


What is a Yonderbox?


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Yonderboxing is probably the best and most important feature of Yonderbound, allowing you to package your recommendations into one place, share them socially across the web, and then stand to benefit from any bookings made through the advice you provide.

Creating your own Yonderboxes is incredibly easy as soon as you’ve signed up. They function very similar to the idea of a scrapbook, where you build recommendations around a travel concept, like this cool Yonderbox based on hotel swimming pools, or destinations themselves, like this backpacking guide to Singapore, a pretty pricey destination as far as it goes.

When it comes to starting your own, you can begin sharing your tips and talk about why you would recommend the places you choose to save to your Yonderbox and also explore others by simply searching for destinations you’re thinking about paying a visit to (like London) and seeing what tips other users and Yonderboxers provide.


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Yonderbox as a Concept

Perhaps the key question in all this is a simple one; is Yonderbox worth it?

Well in terms of giving back to users it’s definitely worth it, as the effort you put into crafting your tips and recommendations can, for the first time in the history of travel knowledge platforms like this, actually help you save on your next trip provided people make bookings through them.

For us that’s a massive difference and a huge leap in the evolution of websites like this. Expect more people to get on board with Yonderbound as a result. And make sure you check it out when looking for inspiration for your next trip as well as making recommendations based on past ones.