There’s more to Miami than sun, sea and sand. So much more, in fact, that you’ll struggle to fit everything into a single vacation. But hey, there’s no harm in trying! Release your inner child and check out our favorite Miami attractions below.

Miami Seaquarium

Take yourself back in time with a visit to Miami’s Seaquarium, home of Flipper, the dolphin from the iconic 60s show. Take the kids too. They’ll love the chance to see their favourite marine mammals and will revel in shows such as the Shark Reef Encounter and the Dolphin Experience.

Everglades Alligator Farm

If you want something a little less friendly, why not head down the Everglades and visit an alligator farm? Observe up to 2,000 native reptiles of all shapes and sizes in their natural habitat. The farm is housed in Everglades National Park and there’s a wealth of other activities on offer to keep you and the kids entertained.



Jungle Island

You’ve seen the working alligator farm and now you want more, right? Jungle Island has an astonishing range of wildlife on show, including some of the rarest in the animal kingdom. It’s a unique Miami experience. Take the VIP Safari Tour or roam the jungle as you please. Aside from the lemurs, tigers and orangutans, there’s also the small matter of the Serpentarium, home to Crocosaurus: the largest crocodile in the New World.

Biscayne National Park

With all Miami’s amazing nature parks, it’s easy to forget that there’s also one located under water! Measuring some 180,000 acres and situated just off the Miami coast, the park offers a whole range of underwater activities for children and adults alike. Explore the coral reef on a glass-bottomed boat touror get up close and personal with the sea creatures by taking the plunge and donning your scuba or snorkeling equipment. Away from the water, there are also a number of hiking trails.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

Exploring Miami’s array of wildlife and parks is a wonderful experience. But we can’t all be nature-lovers. Away from the natural phenomena, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum provides testament to something a little different: human achievement. Though the museum may appear a little old and dusty, take a closer look and you’ll see it’s a veritable diamond in the rough. Exhibits include Franklin D. Roosevelt’s historic train car Ferdinand Magellan, which was used by several subsequent Presidents; and an enormous model train track. Suffice it to say, there’s also plenty of trains for big kids to play with too!


Images by Jon Fravel and rick2248 used under the Creative Commons license.