street performance night market beijing


Down the winding streets of the Beijing night market, amidst the crowds and fried insects and smells of food cooking, is a small stage. That’s where we found this performer, moving slowly to the traditional Chinese music playing. It was quite interesting to see this performance contrasted with the chaos and activity of the market. The Dong Huamen Night Market is probably one of the more famous attractions, known for serving up fried and seasoned insects and critters to tourists looking for something exotic, and strange, to experience. All your senses will be overwhelmed as you navigate through this maze of street vendors, souvenir, accessory and clothing stands and restaurants. Every once and a while however, you may just see something that stops you in your tracks and forces you to take a moment  away from it all. Perhaps it will be a performer, on a little stage, on the outskirts of the market.


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