Buster Our Housesitting Dog

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a dog. Casey had grown up with a dog and her family still has one back in North Carolina, but I never had one as a kid. It wasn’t until we started housesitting that I really got the chance to see what it’s like having man’s best friend around.

We looked after Buster (pictured here) and Rosy for 3 weeks in the Bordeaux region of France while their owners took a trip back to the UK to see family. While I don’t think a furry friend is feasible for us while traveling, we had a lot of fun falling in love with these guys. For us, housesitting is the perfect balance of homey comforts and foreign excitement.

Housesitting isn’t just for the fully nomadic. It’s also an amazing way to spend a holiday. Imagine spending 3 weeks in France with no accommodation costs. We did, and we made some great friends in the process. You can find out more about housesitting here. We will also be sharing our personal experiences and tips about how you can benefit from housesitting in the near future.

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