Amsterdam is called the Venice of the North because of the 165 canals and 1,281 bridges that traverse the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has 2500 houseboats most of which are privately owned whilst others are available for rental, which is what we did. The laid back atmosphere of this very pretty city makes it easy to fall in love with, which I did. The total beauty of Amsterdam captures you right from the start, particularly if you wonder around all of the canals and over many of the bridges.

Some trivia about Amsterdam

– the houses lining the canals all have a tilt to them because they are built on sand.
– the most used and accepted reason for being late to school in Amsterdam is that one of the bridges was opening and they could not get across. There is no way that the teachers are allowed to question this as there are so many bridges that they cannot keep track of this.
– The canals of Amsterdam are flushed 4 times a week, between 10pm and 6am. No boats can leave the canals during the flushing hours.

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