Washington Monument

Photo Courtesy of Eiwe Lingefors via Flickr

Washington, D.C. is full of monuments and memorials, far too many to see in any one trip to the city. Some were erected in memory of presidents, others for soldiers who lost their lives in battle, and they all provide a moving reminder of important people and events throughout America’s history.
Because there are so many, you may want to make a note of the most famous and impressive of the monuments to see during your time in the city. Here are a few that you might want to add to that list.


Marine Corps War Memorial


This memorial is a statue based on one of the most famous war images of all time: Joe Rosenthal’s photograph of the six servicemen lifting the United States flag on Iwo Jima. It is also known as the Iwo Jima Memorial. It is dedicated to all United States Marine Corps personnel who have died since 1775, and you will find it located next to Arlington National Cemetery.


Lincoln Memorial


The Lincoln Memorial is one of the most famous monuments in the city. If you visit this site to book your trip to America and you visit Washington D.C., make this one of the first monuments you see. This huge statue of Lincoln is surrounded by engravings from the Gettysburg address. Try and visit after dark when the lights make it even more impressive.


Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial


This memorial is in honour of Martin Luther King Jr. and everything that he stood for. It comprises a wall inscribed with his most famous passages, as well as a large statue of him. The memorial covers four acres of land in West Potomac Park, and it was opened in 2011.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial


This memorial on Constitution Avenue is one of the most moving in the city. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is the most famous part, which is a granite wall that contains the names of the 58,272 Americans who were either killed or went missing in the war. It also comprises the Three Soldiers Statue and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial.


Jefferson Memorial


The Jefferson Memorial is in a domed building, and it commemorates the third president of the United States in the form of a 19-foot statue. It is designed in a neoclassical style, and is surrounded by trees, making it one of the most beautiful memorials in the city.


Korean War Veterans Memorial

Located in West Potomac Park, this moving memorial is in honour of soldiers who fought in the Korean War. It comprises a granite wall that contains images of the faces of the troops, as well as the Pool of Remembrance and 19 detailed statues of soldiers that highlight the horror of war.Washington Monument


This is the most famous landmark in the city, and it was built in honour of George Washington. The obelisk is 170 metres tall, and it was first opened in 1884. There is a lift to the top from where you can enjoy a fantastic view. The monument has recently opened again after an earthquake damaged it in August 2011.


See the Famous Monuments


These are some of the most famous monuments in Washington D.C., but there are many more to see during your time here. Spend a day or so exploring the monuments and discover more about the history of this country and the people who made it great.


Emily Farrell is an experienced traveller who enjoys going to the states often. She finally got to see Washington, D.C. last year, but wants to return to see the Washington Monument as soon as she can. For now, she is enjoying writing about it on the web.