Most people will have their own interpretation of cruise vacations but the reality will usually be completely different.  Relaxing on the seas on a cruise as you follow the sun around the Mediterranean to some of the world’s most amazing destinations has now become one of the most popular stress-free travel options.

Cruise vacations have come a long way since cramped cabins and a single swimming pool for the entire ship. These immense liners are now more akin to floating hotels and can easily take on beach resorts hands in terms of accommodation and facilities. It’s true you won’t have instant access to a beach but that’s what the shore excursions are for and multiple ports of call can mean a different beach in a different country each day. What you get on a cruise ship is accommodation to suit your taste and budget, and this can include suites with private balconies, steam rooms and even private deck areas with whirl pools.

Cruising is conducive to relaxation but there are plenty of activities to enjoy as you sail across the world’s oceans. Guests have a wealth of entertainment options available to suit their taste including cinemas, nightclubs, boutique stores and first class restaurants as well as fitness centers and spas. If you fancy brushing up on the language of the destination, some cruises offer on-board classes. In fact classes can include cookery, wine-tasting and dance lessons, all themed around the countries you are visiting.

The beautifully simplistic part of cruising is the fact that you’re now in a hotel that travels to your destination. The Mediterranean has become one of the most popular cruising areas of the world thanks to the number of desirable destinations that you can visit all in one trip. A cruise round the Med means you’ve become more of a traveler than a holidaymaker as you sail to Rome, Corfu, Barcelona, Palma Majorca and Ibiza during your voyage.

Sailing into the Gulf of Naples at night before exploring the delights of the city itself and then journeying on to the island of Capri is a truly unforgettable travel experience. Or what could be better than waking up and having breakfast on your private balcony with the city of Venice in front of you waiting to be explored?

Cruising might not be everyone’s idea of a typical vacation, but when it comes to entertainment, diversity and locations it’s certainly an option to shortlist. Decide which locations that you’d like to visit most and then relax and let the world come to you.