If this year, you are looking for a holiday destination that’s somewhat hotter, and a little more out of the ordinary than your average – you’ll want to look towards the Southern Hemisphere. Occasionally overlooked, perhaps for its lengthy travel hours – however, taking a trip to the Southern Hemisphere will leave you with visual and cultural experiences that you will be unable to forget, or stop telling all your friends and family about! Here are our top five destinations to visit in the Southern Hemisphere:


  • Australia

Land of the Kangaroos: everybody has to visit Australia at some stage in their life. Whilst it may be quite the feat with regards to flying, once you arrive you’ll completely forget about the dead legs and aeroplane food: this place is utterly sensational. Make sure you pay a visit to all the major tourist attractions: you can get some amazing trips through the likes of Cruise 1st to see the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Harbour Bridge from the water… and don’t leave without getting involved with some water sports on its divine beaches or visiting amazing sites like Ayers Rock.




  • Argentina

Looking for something with a bit of everything? Argentina is the place for you. If you head to the furthest south, you can enjoy the amalgamation between endless coastline and thick forests that are just waiting to be explored. If you want to escape the heat for a while, take a wander to the snow-capped peaks and try your hand (or, should we say feet) at hiking – a great way to get the blood pumping whilst soaking in the visual delights of this country.


  • Brazil

Fancy some scorching heat and equally scorching culture to take in? Once you’ve made your way down the list of general tourist attractions, we suggest that you get down and dirty with the more rural aspects of this quirky location. If you want to get truly adventurous, you can take a wander over to the Amazon rainforest itself – take in some of the absolutely breath-taking wildlife and scenery. Good luck trying to explain the utter marvel of it all when you return home though: it really is something you have to experience.



  • South Africa

Did someone say safari? Fans of animals, of all ages, need to take a trip to South Africa on their tour of the Southern Hemisphere: the exhilaration of being up close and personal with the animals is practically unmatched. If you are looking to visit a popular tourist spot, you might want to do some research online to find the best prices for value, and even book tickets in advance, if available – this will save you some extra pounds to play with.


  • New Zealand

Fancy something a little more on the green side, than the usual arid dustbowl? New Zealand can only be described as luscious – a beauty of a country to explore and fall in love with, with tons to see and do around amazing cities like Auckland. Additionally, a huge perk for tourists is that in the south; the attractions often fall quite close together, saving you on unnecessary travelling and thus, expenses. If you want something miles different to the rest, New Zealand should be top of your list.