Sunday Snapshot Africa School Orphanage


Immediately after being on a surreal four-day safari in Tanzania, we had another memorable experience, this time in the town of Arusha. Three of us paid a visit to Kibowa Orphanage and also the private school that these children are fortunate enough to attend. As soon as the kids saw our jeep in the parking lot, they piled out of the classrooms to observe the odd foreigners. While they were keeping their distance, I took a simple snapshot of the children and then turned my camera around to show them their adorable faces on the tiny screen. The crowd giggled uncontrollably and began crowding me, raising their hands to have their photos taken.


This specific picture was taken inside of one of the classrooms, where I easily diverted the children from their schoolwork. It perfectly captures the essence of the visit, happy and filled with laughter.


Prior to traveling to Africa, I could have never imagined how much the children would touch my heart. Their sweet smiles and goofy nature was unexpected, yet a lasting memory.


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