It’s no secret that we’re adventure travel enthusiasts. We spend a ridiculous amount of time researching off the beaten track places and activities in a quest for those adventures that are just so awesome, you might even call them epic. Well, it turns out there’s an app for all that research we’ve been doing. It’s called Epiclist.

What is it?

Epiclist AppEpiclist is an app that lets you follow the journeys of your friends and ‘heroes’ as they share their unique adventures from around the globe. Whether you’re into hiking, surfing or just exploring, use the app to get inspiration for your next trip from those who have gone before you. You can also upload your own epic stories along with pictures and maps to motivate others to follow in your footsteps.

Basically it’s like a filing cabinet for your bucket lists, with a special emphasis on adventure travel. You’ll find inspiration from ‘heroes’ like National Geographic’s Alastair Humphreys, Pro-kitesurfer Susi Mai, and your very own A Cruising Couple, as well as ideas for epic trips from the thousands of users in the app community.

How does it work?


To create your own adventure:

Epiclist Sign up and create your profile. The orange ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen allows you to add a new journey. You’ll have to include the destination, a title, and a description about the journey. In order to convince others that your journey was as epic as you claim, you can add a photo (you can choose one from your own photo gallery or search through 500px and Flickr.) The final step is to specify if this is a journey you have completed or one you are still planning to do. Once your journey is created, you can add multiple activities to it. Just choose ‘add activity’ and then fill out all the applicable information.


To find an adventure:

EpicList app menu EpicList Explore Epiclist Search

There are already over 10,000 travel experiences to get inspiration from.

To get started, select the 3 lines on the upper left-hand side of the screen. This will bring you to a menu with options to view your news feed, explore, or search.

Newsfeed: Use this to check out people you follow and see what kind of adventures they have gotten into lately.

Explore: Choose this option if you want to browse featured journeys from top explorers.

Search: Select the search option to discover adventures related to your interests, such as ‘cycling’ or ‘Chile’. If you’re looking for immediate satisfaction, you can also search ‘nearby’ to find epic adventures close to you.
Epiclist Journey Epiclist helped us turn our own Corcovado National Park adventure into a journey for the app. You can see that Corcovado National Park is the main journey; filed within the journey are activities to help you plan the adventure in full, like: Hike Corcovado Park, Stay With Style and Drake Bay. You’ll only get a preview of the activities—to view the stories in their entirety you must click on ‘discover the full journey on our blog’, which will take you directly to the original blog post on A Cruising Couple.


You’ll find that some of the adventures have a dollar sign in the top-right corner. This means that they are journeys bookable through one of Epiclist’s start-up partners, such as Intrepid or Geckos Adventures.

Epiclist is all about sharing and being social with other adventure enthusiasts. If you think a journey sounds epic you can “pulse up” or comment to let the creator know. Likewise, you may receive notifications if others have given you pulses or commented on one of your journeys. If you are truly inspired to take on one of the journeys from the app, you can add other users’ journeys to your collection.


The Review


What we like: 

  1. The app’s focus is clearly on adventure travel.

This is one of the things that really sets the app apart for us. While urban experiences aren’t necessarily out of place, Epiclist is best for travel bucket lists.

  1. The tagline: ‘Life is an adventure. Discover it.’

We love that Epiclist is motivating and encouraging people to go after their dreams and personal goals around the world. Additionally, your profile displays the number of journeys you’ve completed, planned and favorited. This is a great way to keep you inspired to bring your dreams to fruition.

  1. As a blogger, Epiclist is a great place to curate blog posts and network with potential new followers.

Google does not index the app, so stories won’t appear as duplicate posts. If your adventures look enticing, then readers will click through to your blog, generating new traffic and readers.


Room for improvement:

  1. Some members of the app community don’t seem to understand its purpose.

This isn’t Twitter or Instagram. If you want to post an update about your life, go use a different social network. Epiclist is for providing valuable, inspirational information on new adventures. This isn’t the fault of the app itself, but something community members can remember.

  1. The orange ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen is a bit annoying.

Okay, so minor drawback, but we found the plus button a bit large. It gets in the way of reading some of the information.

  1. The app has plans to create a website and android version of the app, but for right now it is only available in I0S.

We didn’t join the smartphone bandwagon until recently, so we really appreciate when apps have a website that users can use as well. Luckily, Epiclist has plans to expand in the future.


We’re really looking forward to getting more adventure travel inspiration from Epiclist. We would love for you to join the community so we can motivate each other!


Download the Epiclist app for free here


Learn more about Epiclist on their website.


We were compensated to write a review of the Epiclist app. We were not required to write a positive review. We only recommend products we use ourselves, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


Have you heard of Epiclist? What adventure travel journeys do you want to share on the app? Looking for inspiration from a certain place?