We’re pretty new to Smartphone technology. We just got our iPad last year and—try not to gasp—we got our first iPhone this past Christmas of 2013. True story.

But we’re making up for lost time. Since the purchase of our iPad, we’ve discovered just how valuable some apps can be for travelers. In particular, there’s one new website and app that is quickly proving to be our favorite: Trover.

 A Cruising Couple Trover


So what is it?

Trover is a visual guide to ‘the best of everywhere’. See the world through gorgeous photos posted by savvy travelers who have been there. Discover hidden gems for your next trip. Upload your own photos and travel tips and then receive recognition for those discoveries.

But that’s just the start.


We’ve been using Trover for a couple of weeks now. Here are five things we already love about the app:


1. It’s a great source for travel inspiration.

Trover has some seriously awesome travel photography from everyday travelers around the world. We’ve spent hours scrolling through snapshots of beautiful places, adding new destinations and activities to our travel bucket list. It’s easy to lose yourself on Trover, but you’ll come back with new inspiration for your travels and photography.


2. Get insider travel tips

 Trover Discovery

Not only does Trover lead to travel inspiration, it provides valuable insider travel tips. Learn about food, culture and activities you won’t find in any guidebook. When someone uploads a photo to Trover, they include a brief description along with the exact location. We’ve learned about fantastic restaurants—and the best dishes on the menus—here in Mexico, all places we never would have known about if another nearby traveler hadn’t provided the discovery on Trover. And restaurants are just the start! From street art in Berlin to dog sledding in Alaska, there’s no limits to what you can learn.

Trover also allows you to search through nearby discoveries. Not only do you learn about hidden gems that are right down the road, but it’s also a great way to meet and interact with local travelers. Comment on photos, tag fellow travelers, and make new connections!


3. Share your own photos

Of course, half the fun of Trover is adding your own photos! Instantly add your personal photos and travel tips, and help other travelers discover the best insider advice, too! If someone finds your photo or tip useful, they can ‘thank you’ for your discovery and add it to their own list of favorites.


4. An easy to navigate interface

 Trover Interface

With so many apps out there, I don’t have time or patience for complicated ones that require a lot of time on my part. With Trover, it all makes sense. Easily scroll through photos (also known as discoveries) based on ‘What’s Hot’, people you follow, or your places and interests. Organize your discoveries on your own custom curated lists. We’re currently saving tons of discoveries from other travelers on our Norway and Mexicool lists, but your lists are only limited by your creativity.


5. Easy to use from the website or app

The Trover app makes on-the-go discoveries quick and easy, but you can also upload photos and make discoveries on the website. You know, just in case you’re behind on the smart technology like we were, you can still get in on all the Trover goodness!


Whether you’re getting ready for your next trip, looking for discoveries in your own neighborhood, or just wanting to add to your ever-increasing wanderlust, then Trover is for you.

Download the free app and then be sure to connect with us, A Cruising Couple!

Are you on Trover? What travel apps do you use?


We were compensated to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are, as always, our own.