the children of Delhi

One Saturday afternoon, I was on my way to a Tibetan enclave, Majnu Ka Tila in Delhi. I was there to try the momos (steamed dumplings), an integral part of Tibetan cuisine.

Along the way, I passed by a little street with children playing in the alleyways. I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera to capture the moment. Little did I know that one shot would lead to another, and soon the children had alerted their friends in the neighbourhood, who came racing out of their homes to get a picture of themselves taken.

Many of them had not seen a digital camera before and they absolutely loved it when they saw themselves clearly on the camera screen. My only wish at that moment was to have a polaroid camera so that I could give them the photos I had.

India is known for poverty and her children are often photographed in rags, begging for alms at road intersections. But that afternoon, I saw India’s children in a different light. Like children in other parts of the world, they loved to play, and had a role in taking care of their little brothers and sisters. But more importantly, there was a different type of happiness in their eyes, quite unlike their peers in developed countries, whose happiness are sometimes derived from gifts of the latest toy or iPad gizmo.


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