One of the problems you are not going to have when you visit the Philippines is finding a decent beach – there are over 7,000 islands to choose from and most of them have beaches. We suggest you start searching now for all inclusive holidays 2014 to get amazing deals for you and your friends in this beautiful part of the world. Here are just some of the great beaches you might want to add to your itinerary:


Siargao Island has 27 miles (43 km) of sandy beaches, so you should never have any problem finding some privacy. This is the number one place to go surfing in the Philippines because of the nearby right-breaking reef waves (known as Cloud 9). There is also plenty of interesting marine life if you want to go diving or snorkelling.


Boracay is a tiny island to the northwest of Panay Island. This tropical paradise is the perfect location if you are looking to just unwind. If you are feeling a bit more active there are plenty of activities to choose from including kite surfing, scuba diving, sailing, and surfing. The beach is a stunning white with powdery sand. There are also plenty of nice restaurants and bars close to the beach.


Camiguin is a little bit off the beaten track, but it is well worth visiting this island to the north of Mindanao because of its great beaches. There are also some nice waterfalls and hot springs within easy reach. The beaches here are very laid back places – on a quiet day, you could pretend to be Robinson Crusoe. The best way to get to know this island is to hire a jeep and go exploring.

Mactan Island

There are many luxury resorts located on Mactan Island because the beaches here are among the best in the Philippines. The island is in easy reach of Cebu, so it does get a lot of visitors. The water around Mactan is teeming with marine life so snorkelling or diving is a good option. Mactan is a coral island with some nice stretches of white sand.