It’s just you and your team members, packed into a three-wheeled automotive rickshaw. The afternoon heat has given way to monsoon rains. You still have a few more miles until you reach today’s finish line, but after a wrong turn you’re relying on the locals to point you back on track. The day’s journey has taken you past awe-inspiring landscapes and through off-the-beaten-track villages. To say you are exhausted is an understatement; however, you also feel fulfilled and energized. Somehow you had forgotten what it was like to feel this alive.


This is the original Rickshaw Challenge. It’s just one of the three unique and awesome adventures offered by The Travel Scientists. If you believe the adventure is in the journey, that true travel means making authentic connections with the world around you, and that growth occurs when you push the boundaries of your comfort zone, then these next three adventures are for you.

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1.    The Caucasian Challenge

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Drive your own vehicle through one of the least-travelled areas of the world. This minimal assistance motor rally will take you from Turkey, through Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia, to a finish line in Yerevan. Experience history first-hand as you ride through ancient Christian lands, experience the war-torn regions of Northern Georgia, and witness the awe-inspiring scenery of Eastern Europe. You can drive anything you like, from a pimped-out scooter to a full-amenity sports car. Just remember: there might not be many mechanics along the way!

 2.    Central Asia Rally

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Have you ever dreamed of retracing the footsteps of ancient explorers who were the first to journey to the exotic East? With the Central Asia Rally, you can. Explore the captivating people and places of Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikstan,  and Krygistan on this epic road race. It’s the newest adventure from the mad men of Travel Scientists, but certainly not one to be missed. You’ll receive assistance with visas and licensing, as well as rally preparation, route planning, and a comprehensive road book—your ultimate survival guide on the rally. This journey promises new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

3.    The Rickshaw Challenge

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This is one of the Travel Scientist’s cornerstone adventures. India is a place like no other; it’s a thrill for the senses, with bright colors, flavorful cuisine, exotic noises and warm, hospitable people. What better way to discover the real India than on a three-wheeled, pimped-out automotive rickshaw journey? With a top speed of 40 mph, you’ll be forced to slow down and embrace all that is India. Travel Scientists offers 5 races throughout the year, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to participate. Remember that danger is a part of the thrill and adventure, but the Travel Scientists will do everything they can to keep you safe. For example, cell phones and daily assessments of road conditions and weather reports are provided. Don’t just go to India; experience it like a local from the seat of a rickshaw!


One of our favorite things about the Travel Scientists is their desire to give back to the local communities. All participants will have the opportunity to raise money for specific charities in the regions they will be traveling to. That means you’ll be able to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people you meet along your journey! For example, in the Caucasian Challenge, you’ll be given the opportunity to raise money for Mission Armenia, a non-profit aimed at helping refugee familes / children without a home, living in temporary establishments. Most of these people are refugees escaping from the 1988-1991 bloodshed in Baku, Azerbaijan, and the conditions they live in on a daily basis are heartbreaking. For the Central Asia Rally, teams have supported the kindergarten of Sary Moghol, in a village in Kyrgyzstan’s poorest and most underdeveloped region. Due to holes in the roof, water flooded the rooms during rains and the children had to play on the cold concrete floor. But with the money raised by Central Asia Rally participants, the school was repaired. Finally, the Rickshaw Challenge has teamed up with Round Table India, a national organization that oversees charitable needs, donations, and projects. You’ll have the opportunity to support and view many of the projects that have been funded by Round Table India and Rickshaw Challenge participants.


So what are you waiting for?


Embrace your spirit of discovery.

Renew your sense of fun and adventure.


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