Holy Cows of Incredible India_Backpack ME

When people think of India, the image of a cow wandering free often comes to mind.

Cows are considered holy in Hinduism and as such, to the contrary of most parts of the world, are not regarded as potential steak, but instead as an animal that gives so much beyond food. Unfortunately, when you travel to India, you realize that roaming around the city traffic eating from the garbage doesn’t really do justice to how holy cows are supposed to be. This happens mostly in the big cities but when you visit smaller and rustic places such as Goa, you can clearly tell the difference.

In the beaches around Goa, not only locals and tourists enjoy the sun, the breeze and walks by the shore – holy cows do so too! And it makes for a picture perfect scenery. If I were a cow in India, I’d hope I’d be born in Goa!

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