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An old friend, a newer friend and I were walking through the buzzing nighttime streets of Seoul, South Korea on our way to a coffee shop. We were three among what could easily have been hundreds of people going here or there, filling the streets with no regards for cars. Street venders live for these weekend evening moments, when three or four people crowd around their food wares, smell what they’re cooking and decide to buy something for the slow, unsteady file down the pavement. This man, famous in the neighborhood for his unforgettable purple hair, sells all kinds of seafood snacks to anyone who’ll have a taste. Dried squid, octopus and fish line the front of his stall. Though we didn’t buy any food, he didn’t look short on company or customers by the time the river of people engulfed us again, shortly after I caught this candid of him in action.


Sally is an expat who travels and is currently living and teaching EFL in rural South Korea, until the next adventure sweeps her up sometime next year. She’s an avid reader, blogger, and language learner and also takes her daily coffee very seriously. Catch up with her at or on Twitter (@sallybsayz).

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