Whitsunday Islands Australia Sandbar Beach

One of Australia’s most beautiful yet surprisingly unfrequented attractions are the Whitsunday Islands.  Iconic white sand beaches, turquoise water, and lots of sailing encompass the 74 pristine islands.  Our chartered boat made a brief pit stop at the sandbar pictured here, just in time for this spectacular sunset. If we weren’t already head-over-heals in love with the Whitsunday Islands, you can certainly bet this did the trick.

Although not this particular sand strip, the Whitsunday Islands are without a doubt my favorite beach destination.

I say ‘we’ were in love with the Whitsundays, but it was actually only me (Dan) who had the chance to soak in this beauty. Years ago, I spent five months studying abroad in Townsville, Australia. When I asked my Australian friends where I should visit during my short time there, the most common response was: “The inside is quite nice but it kinda looks like Mars. The real beauty is in our beaches.” While many of the more popular beach destinations can get quite crowded, me and my mates had this gem all to ourselves. 

It can be quite the trek to make it all the way to Australia. Luckily there are just as many stunning beaches to be had throughout Europe. Casey would know–while I was hugging koalas and scuba diving on one side of the globe, she was busy sipping sangria in Spain, eating gallons of gelato in Italy, and generally living it up on the Mediterranean. The family holiday provider OnTheBeach.co.uk now makes planning your vacation to European beaches even easier. We don’t have a family yet, but we can only imagine the thought process that must go on when planning for five rather than two. OnTheBeach.co.uk have provided a cost comparison guide found here, to help families plan their travels better. What should you budget for a four-person dinner in Turkey versus Spain? What’s the cheapest, and most expensive, beach destination? This fun interactive tool leaves you wondering no more.


Have you visited the Whitsunday Islands? Have a favorite sunset photograph? 


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