Ah, holidays. Whatever type of holiday you’re after – whether you’re into hiking and biking, or you’re an adrenalin junkie with a penchant for back flips on snow-packed pistes, or you just love flopping out on a beach – there’s a special holiday experience with your name on it.

A few years ago, the rise of low-cost airlines meant that package holidays were being shouldered out in favour of DIY cheap holidays. Holidaymakers realised they could go further, sometimes for less, and experience more flexibility by booking their own hotels and flight options. This market is still booming, and although the price of flights has been forced up by rising taxes, it’s still a great way to visit your favourite locations.

But package holidays are making a comeback and in recent years, holidaymakers have been rudely awaken to the fact that where low-cost flights are concerned, you often get what you pay for. Stories of stranded holidaymakers and bankrupt airlines quickly sent many sun-seekers scurrying back to the nation’s biggest and best tour operators in search of holiday heaven. Travelling with a big name such as Thomas Cook means you don’t just get to go to a great location, you also get a support network too – and that peace of mind can make all the difference.

What’s more, whether you’ve got cheap holidays or luxury escapes on the agenda, you’ll find a superb range of choice by travelling with a tour operator. No longer are you bound by local destinations. You can now travel the world on a package holiday, visiting cities and rural retreats, sailing the seven seas, skiing on snow-packed pistes or escaping to exotic faraway shores. From last-second getaways to month-long cruises, the package holiday market is alive with wonderful possibilities and unforgettable experiences.

Which piece of holiday heaven has got your vote?